Our Story

Dan, James and I at the Step Up for Ds walk
I was born a runner. I ran my first race in 1987, a 50 meter dash. Since then I have continued to add distance and have run just about every distance between that 50m dash and a 100 mile race. If nothing else no one can ever say I've been anything other than determined. I may not have ever been the biggest, strongest or best at anything, but I have certainly never quit. I guess you could say I'm pretty gritty, which is probably why I'm so suited to ultras.

The Leadville 100 was the first 100 mile race I ever heard of. I knew when I heard about it that it was something I would try once...well at least once. But I still thought it sounded down right insane. After living in Leadville for a bit and laying witness to this crazy race it was in my blood. Leadville is one of my favorite places in the world, a little rough around the edges but full of character. And so my quest to run the Leadville 100 began.

Photograph by Megan Newton Photography
In May 2012 I gave birth to our first child and Dan was ecstatic to see it was a boy. We knew he was going to be pretty tiny and possibly have some complications from being so small and early, but what we didn't expect was to hear our sweet baby James had Down syndrome. It was a roller coaster of emotions those first few weeks and months, but thanks to the wonderful support from family and friends, both new and old, we realized we had the most perfect little boy and that was all we could have ever hoped for. We didn't end up on the trail we expected, but the views from this trail are spectacular and certain to only get better.

A few years later we added to the frat house with the birth of Robert. James might have been the most excited at the new addition and has taken on his new role of big brother with every ounce of energy he has...and that says a lot! Robert looks up to James just as any little brother, he doesn't notice any of the things James 'can't' do or is 'supposed' to be able to do...he just sees this awesome big brother who tackles him, teaches him things and gives him the best hugs ever.
Photo by Katy B

Life with two toddlers is always a challenge, but we're enjoying every second of it...or at least most of them. Running has become a family event. More miles have been logged with B.O.B.s than is likely good for you, but we all enjoy it and its how we can make things work. Its not easy, balance never is, but we're learning as we go. Each day is a new adventure and we continue to live all of them in the window seat. 


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