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Lists 101

Yep, I'm one of those list makers. I love my lists and I love checking things off. Hell I'll add something to my list after I've done it just for the satisfaction of checking it off. But I rarely ever finish my daily list. And some days my lists have began to feel overwhelming. So I decided to change things up a bit. If you know me you know change is not my favorite thing. Giving up my lists has been a huge undertaking. Okay, so I haven't gone cold turkey or anything. But I've changed to a weekly list. All the things I want to accomplish that week rather than day by day. I've got to say...sometimes change is good.

My long run has been its own item at the top of the list each week. And even if my lists don't get finished, I haven't totally finished one yet, the long run has been checked off each week. The bathrooms have also been getting cleaned on a more frequent schedule as well. All sorts of amazing things happening over here these days.

I've als…

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