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2018 Goals?

Yikes...its been awhile...and I suppose before we hit February I should think about some goals for this was kind of a tough one for me. The last two years I've been pretty focused on some big goals at Leadville and Run Rabbit...and while I still have more goals at those races I pretty much nailed my big ones. Last summer I also told myself I really needed to take a summer off of 100s. Its not that the distance is too much for my body to handle, but the training last summer was tough. Every time we went camping I was stressed about how I was going to get my long run in. I just kept wanting to have a more relaxing summer where we could camp on a whim without planning a 20 miler. So as hard as its been to not click register on a 100...with the exception of the Hardrock lottery because well...when you get picked you run no matter what...I've held myself back. Its easy during the winter to get caught up in the excitement and the next thing you're back in the same plac…

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