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Honor Thy Recovery

I'm very much of the belief that you need to listen to your body when it comes to recovery, but I also know that sometimes your heart talks louder and can lead you to do more than you should too soon. Last year after Leadville I really struggled with my recovery. I think a lot had to do with how stressed I was, but the bottom line was it wasn't until December that I began to think I could run well again. I basically missed all the fun fall running. Aside from the stress I think I also tried to push how hard I ran to soon after the race.

Well by Tuesday after RRR I was itching to run and really needing to get outside. I told myself I would just go for a hike, but then Dan sent a note saying he was going for a run so of course I had to tag along. But I was pretty good and still mixed in some hiking and definitely took it easy. The rest of the week was pretty much the same several run/hikes. I forced myself to hike any uphills and any time I was just tired either physically or me…

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