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Build It Bigger

This training block seemed to get off to a slow start. While it was frustrating that I wasn't hitting the big mileage I was hoping too it was probably for the best. My mileage has slowly crept up, but I have to keep reminding myself that my vertical this year has been insane. Last year I had a big vert year...this year I've already done more vert than all of last year. Last week I felt like I was really getting into the training. I was committed and most of all having fun with it! I hit my 80 miles and on top of that I had over 20k in vertical! When I think about it that's pretty ridiculous!

I made a goal this year to really increase the strength in my legs. I've added leg workouts twice a week, nothing major and no gym required, but I can feel it has paid off big time! Climbs that even last year when I was running really strong seemed tough are getting easier and easier and I'm not as sore afterwards. I can see the definition in my legs and I'm super proud of…

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