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Winter Wonderland

Its been one one of the best preseasons for snow on record! I've gotten quite a few days riding and have even broken out the splitboard since conditions are so good. Its been awesome! I love getting back on my board more and have been having so much fun. With each day I feel it coming back more and more.

But mentally I've been missing something. Its just not the same as running. And with life's stresses lately I've missed having that time every day. That release that I can't get anywhere else. So what do I do? Register for a couple races, get a year long gym membership and make a commitment to myself that no matter how busy life gets right now I'm getting in my runs. They can be a bit shorter and with the amount of snow we have even short runs are taking a lot longer, but getting that time to myself is so important. I'm no where near feeling race ready but after getting in some consistent runs this week I'm feeling like maybe there's a chance of be…

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