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I've Got This

I'm not sure how it happened but James started kindergarten a couple weeks ago. I knew like with everything he does he would totally surpass our expectations. Leading up to the first day I was blown away at how willing the school was to help James. It was like they actually wanted him to succeed. From what we had come from that seemed too good to be true so I was pretty skeptical. But everyone knew him and welcomed him, there were plans in place for how to help him best and for getting his IEP updated. As with everything with James, I've done my homework on the school, but at the end of the day its about trusting your gut as to what's best for him. So many people have offered up their advice as to what's best for him for school. And while its all well intended at the end of the day its a decision I have to make. Knowing James and trusting my instincts has led us to Steamboat and so far I think we made the right decision for him.

Each week James is participating more a…

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