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Mileage Games

Its shoulder season now which means all anyone can think about is getting ready for ski season. For the first time in a long time its all I can think about as well. But I'll admit as excited as I am for ski season I'm also nervous about my  training. While I'm not one to post my mileage or compare it to others I do compare it to myself. Letting go of keeping mileage where I think it needs to be is definitely going to be a struggle. Maybe once the snow flies I'll be signing a different story.

In preparation for the snow we've outfitted ourselves with split boards, new bindings, skins and from last year I still have a new solid board and new boots! I'm excited to start skinning...weird that I'm almost more excited for going up than going down! I know it works as training and something tells me my fitness will be even better come mud season next spring, but its the unknown that worries me.

In the meantime I'm soaking up as much trail time as I can! Every d…

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