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The Lockdown

Like millions of other people around the world we're on lockdown day...who the hell knows anymore. Because of James we locked down earlier than we were required to, but it was what we needed to do. And trying to make it all work has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. Its no joke to work a demanding job with kids at home, balance taking care of them, cleaning, cooking (we don't even get take out) and working. For us there is no enjoy the extra family time or the simpler, slower life. We're getting through it one day at a time, but the mama guilt is real. And James has probably the most amazing rockstar teachers you could imagine. His gen ed teacher meets with him every morning to kick off his day. His paras meet with him 1:1 throughout the day and his special ed teacher modifies his work and slide shows for him every day so he can be successful. And then there are his girlfriends who call daily. Everyone is looking out for this kid and it really makes this ma

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