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Leadville Trail Marathon Weekend

I love LTM weekend! Even though I wasn't racing its got to be one of my favorite weekends of the year. Typically its our first weekend in the big mountains and marks the real beginning of the season. This weekend I witnessed a lot of extraordinary efforts by ordinary people. These are the ones that inspire me the most. Sure its awesome to watch the Jim Walmsley's and Killian Jornet's of the world, but to watch the people just like you challenge themselves, set goals and crush them...that's what's really fun  to watch. I don't know what it is about Leadville, not everyone likes the race series and that's fine. But there's something about these races that gets me. Leadville doesn't pretend they're something they're not. These are big races by trail race standards, yet somehow you really do feel a part of the Leadville family when you're standing there. There's an energy, an electricity that most races I've been to don't have. …

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