Coaching Philosophy

I ran my first race when I was 8 years old...the 50 m dash. Since then I've raced every distance from the 50 m dash to 100 miles. During cross country in college I was introduced to trail running and while it took a few more years and many road marathons later I found my true passion in trail ultras. But mainly I just love to run. I'll never balk at road running, treadmills, or short runs. They're all part of my routine and part of what I love to do. Running is running, no matter how fast or slow, how short or far...and I love it in all of its forms!

I'm also a mom to two full of energy non-stop toddler boys and a newborn little girl. I know firsthand the struggles of balancing family, work, life and running. Squeezing your training into an already jam packed schedule. Setting goals that seem bigger than you, and going after them and reaching those goals. There are few things more rewarding than watching people achieve goals they once thought were too lofty to even dream.

I began coaching tennis in college and realized how much I love to share my passions with others. I love seeing other people set goals and work to meet them. I love helping them reach their goals. In graduate school I not only taught geology classes but I began professionally coaching snowboarding. I am a certified PSIA Snowboard Level 2 and Children's Specialist 1 certified instructor. I have spent a lot of time over the last 12 years taking classes and exams to learn how to more effectively coach students, which apply not just to snowboarding, but any facet of coaching.

Whether you're looking for that Boston Qualifier, to run your first race, trail race or a new distance, train safely through a pregnancy or get back in shape after pregnancy, or just challenge yourself to take your running to the next level I can help you achieve your goals.

For more information on coaching and how I can help you go after your dreams contact me at:

Services Available:

Personal Coaching - $100/month
  • Unlimited communication via text, email or schedule Skype calls
  • Custom training plan adjusted weekly based on performance and feedback
  • Strength or form training exercises
Custom Training Plan (up to 6 months) - $120 per plan

Custom training plan for your big event or goal. Once the training plan is finalized, we will schedule a Skype call so I can explain everything and answer any questions.

Snowboard Coaching
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