Rush Week

it was a toasty week!
I knew this week was the second week in the big Steamboat Christmas rush. I had known in my head these past two weeks would be busy, but I don't think I anticipated it like this. I have more unreturned or half written texts than I ever have...and that says A LOT! But I was also determined that this week wasn't going to be a total wash for myself like the week before. It sounds silly to say it was the New Year and so we have to get to the gym and follow through on all the goals we set...but maybe that played a small part. But for me the key was to build back consistency. I knew with all I had going on getting in big miles or workouts just wasn't going to happen.

he fought a valiant fight...sleep won
So rather than set myself up for failure with a 20 mile treadmill run scheduled for 2:00 am I decided to get roughly 30 min on the treadmill, a quick shower, dinner prepped some work done and geared up to be out the door to coach snowboarding. Okay just writing that sounds like I was planning a 20 miler. But the interesting thing is if you workout or run first thing you immediately feel better about yourself, about the day and can be more productive.

Overall I think I was pretty successful. I got runs in Tuesday through Friday...the kids were all up by 4:30 am on Saturday which made that a missed run. I got 3 showers...something that hasn't happened in a week since September I think. And I managed to serve dinner, usually out of the instapot, every night! I had to learn how to use the timer function on the instapot but it was perfect! And to top it off I mopped the floors and scrubbed 2 of the 3 toilets! Its progress and that's my goal, keep moving forward. Next week will be a little more progress!

I will also say I have never looked so forward to school starting again! Rob went back to school this week and James has been at afterschool care every day, which is amazing, so its not to get them out of the house as much as its a sign that the worst of the craziness is over. We will still be busy and spring break will be another big push, but these two weeks are probably the worst, or best depending how you look at it, for teaching. That said I had some awesome clients and got lessons every day which is something I'm not used to. And our little pizza shop has been busier than ever!

James skiing with STARS
James has hated school being closed. Every morning he asks if he can go to kindergarten. But he thankfully is getting into the routine of afterschool care which gives me hope for the summer. The afterschool program here is amazing. He has an aid which has helped tremendously. Over break this winter they went to gymnastics, ice skating, skiing, painting, the movies, rock climbing and he did great with all of it! I've been super impressed. No one has ever once said anything like Oh can James really do that or Are you sure you want James going? he can always stay here. Most of the activities you don't have to do you can chose an option of activities at the school. But not James. He has gone and participated in everything. I just love being in a community that also doesn't put limitations on him. In fact his aid even worried that she wasn't a good skier and wasn't sure if she could keep up! Yep keep up those concerns about my Jamesie because before long none of us will be able to keep up with him!
the little one is sitting!


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