Relentless Forward Progress

I originally started this blog as a way to track my training and to remember all the amazing places I've had the opportunity to run. This was never meant to be about my life. But what I've found is that running and life are intricately intertwined. I realized this week that what's going to get me to 6th and Harrison on August 19th is what is also going to take me through the rest of my crazy life...relentless forward progress. No matter what happens all there is to do is to take another step.

Colorado Trail Segment 3

So that's what I did this week, I kept taking one more step. Having the holiday mid-week allowed me to get in two long runs, which really helped my mileage. It also made me realize that my legs are unlikely to feel fresh again until race day, and I have no illusions of that fresh feeling lasting very long. Bufflo Creek Wilderness seemed to be my home away from home this week. I ran an 18 mile loop at Pine Junction. Halfway through the run I found some signs from the North Fork race that had been left out. I decided to run these out to where the race director could pick them up, but goodness running with 2-ft long stakes tied to your hydration pack is not the easiest thing in the world. Who would have thought I'd manage to bruise the back of my elbow on a training run? I also returned to my beloved segment 3 of the Colorado Trail. I've trained for so many races on this section of trail. It's the closet thing to flat in the area, but its far from flat. The rolling hills are runnable, but after 20 miles of punishing hills you're almost begging for a steep hill to walk up! Most of my other miles were logged on my not-so-beloved treadmill. I just kept reminding myself...forward progress, each mile I can get in is going to help get me to that finish line.

Last weekend after Dan's big race he won a lottery qualification to the Leadville 100...well apparently Dan's training isn't over, he's going to give the 100 a go! It's defniitely been crazy with us both training for a 100 mile race. The food consumption in our house is borderline insane! It has also been tough to take time to run when all you want to do is hold James and play with him, but that's what naps are for right? We both know that we need to take time for ourselves to be our best for James and running is our way of doing that. I still can't wait until James is big enough to take out running! He loves our hikes up Conifer Mountain!
Colorado Trail Segment 3

Week July 2-8
Miles Ran: 55.5
Hours Hiked and Ran: 12


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