Running DOWN a dream

I remember I first heard about this crazy race, the Leadville 100, my senior year in high school. I remember thinking two things, first can anyone really do that? And then, well I suppose I should do that once in my life. I think that was actually the first real item on my bucket list. Leadville was the first 100 mile race I ever heard of and after living in Leadville for a bit I knew if I only did one 100 mile race it had to be Leadville. I remember one morning my sister and I were driving out of Leadville and we saw this woman doing a slow, shuffle in a near zombie-state eating a pb&j heading into town. And then I started seeing a few more people coming down the road in the same shuffle. I instantly knew these people were on the last few miles of Leadville. We began screaming and cheering out the car window. Even then I felt the excitement in the air, its electric! Now here I am...less than a week away from the start and definitely just ready to get going.

I've been overjoyed at the outpouring of support we have received not only for Dan and I to run this race, but for James as well. He may only be three months old, but he has a smile that can melt the coldest of hearts. I've always believed actions speak louder than words and I hope one day James can realize that if Dan and I could raise money for RDS for James by running a 100 mile race, he can certainly do anything he wants. At least Dan and I are going to do everything we can to make this possible. James and I read my favorite poem together every day Listen to the Musn'ts by Shel Silverstein. I swear he smiles every time he hears it.

This week started the infamous taper. I have a love hate relationship with tapering. Its nice to not be so stressed about getting a certain amount of miles in and having a more relaxed attitude about running, but on the extra days off I always feel like I really should be running. You get that itch that you need to do something, to find a trail somewhere that needs to be run. I guess for a 100 mile race you need the extra time to pack all your gear. Pack and organize! It seems like a logistical nightmare figuring out what needs to be in what drop bag, where the crew will be and with what gear, how many calories to pack in each bag. And then worrying what if I'm behind my times and I don't make it to Half Pipe before night. I suppose that's just extra incentive to run fast.

I feel about as ready as anyone can for their first 100 miler. I've done all the training I could, sure I would have preferred to have gotten in a few more long runs including some longer ones, but I did the best I could with having a newborn as well.  I've been dreaming about this day for years and visualizing it since November 1st. I'm focused and ready to get the show on the road. James...this one's for you buddy!

"now listen close to me, anything can happen child, anything can be" -ss

Week August 6 - 12
Miles Running: 28.2
Hours Hiking and Running: 7


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