Working for Each Mile

Pike's Peak in the distance, from Conifer Mountain
This week I truly worked for every mile I got. I was nearly blown off Green Mountain, slogged through mud and snow, pushed through a tough hill climb and froze my eyes together in sub-zero temperatures. And I even snuck in a "date run" with Dan. Now if that doesn't sound like a full week of running I'm not sure what does.

Thursday was World Down Syndrome Day and I thought a fitting run would be to charge the hill climb at Mt Falcon. From the first step this run seemed to be a metaphor for my new life as a mom of a grommie with Ds. The climb was tough and I didn't get to the top as fast as I would have liked. But I got there. I still managed a decent time and felt like I really pushed it the whole way up. When I got to the top I decided to take a slightly different route at the top than I normally do. The new trail I found myself on was so covered in snow, slush and sun crust that I was posting hole up to my knee pretty consistently. I slipped and slid my way along that trail, fighting for each step I took. Despite how much of a struggle that run was the sun was shining and the sky was the brilliant blue that you only find at these altitudes. It was amazing and beautiful and you couldn't help but smile, the perfect run for WDSD!

In celebration of WDSD James got to try some chocolate cupcake
The weekend brought about another dose of that Colorado spring snow. Apparently Mother Nature forgot that this is late March in Colorado. Instead of the usual 70F weather the day after a snowstorm temperatures were fighting to get over 0F! I made it outside during the snowstorm and fought to get as many miles as I did that day. My eyes froze shut, my buff froze to my cheeks and I was thoroughly frozen to the bone. Sunday the temperatures and the week's exhaustion got the better of me and I settled for a treadmill run. I guess that's what they're for right?

Week March 18-24

Miles Running: 36.3
Hours Running and Hiking: 3.5


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