Double Trouble

Mt Falcon
Oh what a week! With a really quick trip to Wisconsin planned I knew I'd be lucky to get in a run at all while I was traveling. I tried to squeeze in as many miles as possible before I left. One day I met Dan at Apex for a quick run before we picked up the boy. As we started heading around on Grubestake we ran into Allisa from the Salida marathon and talked her into finishing the run with us. It's definitely nice to meet other people to run with. Nick's been super busy with his new job and Dan's schedule is always so crazy so I was glad to run into her. 

Thursday meant I needed a long run before I left for Wisco. After raging a war in my head with where to run I settled on a double at Falcon. I knew I could do another Bear Creek, but Run Rabbit Run is no flat course. I need to start pushing my limits and especially my vertical if I'm going to do well. I tried to keep a pretty easy pace on the first climb and made it to the picnic tables in 36 minutes. Parmalee Gulch was in great condition. It finally smelled like spring and the trail was nice and soft under foot. There was a bit of snow still on the back side but nothing terrible. As I headed back down I passed another girl who looked like a pretty solid runner for the second time. I couldn't help but wonder if I wasn't the only one on this crazy journey. I got back down, refilled my water bottles, slammed a coke and headed back up. 

Pizza Man making fans!
The second climb was much slower and it took me a solid 40 minutes to reach the picnic tables. In nearly the same spot I had seen the girl twice already we passed each other for a third time. This time she made a comment about how we must both be running the same thing. So apparently I am not the only crazy one out there. Of course I was a bit jealous that she had around 20 minutes left and I didn't even want to think about how much more I had left...about 8 miles! Thankfully the clouds rolled in as I neared the top of Mt Falcon for the second time so it cooled off nicely. Overall I felt good for a tough 20 miler. It also made me excited for long runs and to really start training, not just logging the miles. 

Friday as James and I headed to the airport Dan decided I couldn't be the only one to put in a tough long run, so he headed to Falcon to repeart my steps. Apparently he should have followed my line a bit closer...ah but chicks dig scars. James rocked the flight! We even got numerous compliments on the second leg about how good he was. Of course the chatterbox sitting next to us pretty much sealed the deal on making James look like a rockstar! 
Nothing beats a cardboard box!

We met the whole fam for dinner at Pizza Man which was probably the highlight of the weekend for me. James and Parker were so cute together! They had a blast! And are quite the entertainers as well. As they were playing at the window Cait and I looked down at the street and saw this heard of people waiting for tables just staring up at the two of them. I wish I could have seen what exactly these two were up to, but I have a feeling they are going to be quite the pair growing up. 

Airport fun!
On the way home James and I were hanging out in Minneapolis waiting for our second flight. I was trying to get him to burn some energy and the people at the gate were loving him. One girl started signing with him after she saw me sign a bit. Another woman, who James kept crawling up, just lookd at me and said "my good friend has a 10 year old, he's an amazing kid". It's funny how I knew exactly what she meant with that simple line. No one around us would have had a clue and I could tell no one else noticed James anything different about James. I have a feeling he's going to break a few barriers with his heart warming smile and infectious laugh!

Week April 7 - 13

Miles Running: 38.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 8

Hey Parker, this is how you ride in a cardboard box!
Ok James I have a plan...
Who needs pants for dinner?


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