A Fortnight

James stealing the finish line
Photo by Jerry Armstrong
So I'm not sure what happened to the last two weeks, but they have apparently come and gone...along with my training. Between life's hectic moments and my lack of motivation to run in the heat and thunderstorms my training has suffered a bit. I've been trying to get out for some early morning runs in the neighborhood to at least get out there, but 3 miles is a pretty short run for where I need to be at right now. At least I still have time to re-focus and get my training back on track. 

I did get to mark 22 miles of the North Fork course the day before Dan raced it. I love those trails and have missed my weekly long runs there. It was pretty brutally hot and even for such a short run I was forced to filter water halfway through. Naturally just after I stopped to filter water the clouds came out and cooled it off significantly. 

Dan ended up having a great race at NF. He finished about 35 minutes ahead of his goal time and felt great. A great sign for where his training is at this year compared to last year. Last year he never really recovered from Silver Rush in time for Leadville. I had a blast crewing the race, but not nearly as much fun as James had. He was the hit of the race. North Fork still ranks as one of the best ultras I've ever ran. The atmosphere is phenomenal on the course and at the finish, the course is beautiful mostly single track, and the finisher's awards are always something different and totally rock. When I finished I got a cool handmade bowl and Dan got an awesome fleece.

Dan rocking North Fork
Photo by Jerry Armstrong
Hot summer days
Finally the 4th of July came around and my running got back on track. I hope. Dan and I took off on Thursday to finally finish the fence we were building. Now if we can just hang that last gate it will be completely done. It feels good to have finished that project. Not to mention all the "time on feet" for recent yard work had to have counted for something right? Friday through Sunday were family runs at Bear Creek. It was brutally hot down there, but it's been so great for training now that we can take James out with us. It's pretty flat, but still way easier than juggling both Dan and and I getting in all our runs over the weekend. Plus it gave us time to pull out the little pool and water table for James. I think James was convinced this was the best weekend EVER! 3 days of running and swimming! We might have a little triathlete on our hands!

Rocking his shiner

James has been doing great with his communication and walking. He's pretty much walking full time now! Yay! I think that means I can count an extra 3 miles of chasing each day. He's just non-stop until he completely crashes. He's also adding more and more signs to his vocabulary. My favorite is he now signs "love you"! Yep definitely the highlight of this fortnight! He's spontaneously using more signs as well. Most nights he signs "bed" when he's ready to go to sleep, he's started climbing up his high chair when he's hungry and if we get home and the music isn't already playing he keeps signing it and whining until you can get the sound bar turned on. A totally amazing little guy!

Of course along with James' new found independence has come a few more mishaps and tantrums. He's sporting quite a lovely black eye right now. And the tantrums that ensue upon discovering the garbage can lid is locked are pretty amazing.  

Week June 23 - 29

Miles Running: 37.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 8

Week June 30 - July 6

Miles Running: 31.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 6.5
Water table fun
Family fun at Bear Creek!
Photo by Jerry Armstrong
Photo by Jerry Armstrong


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