Dinosaur Stomp and Magic

This week I felt like I was starting to get back to consistent running. Well consistently slow, low mileage running. I feel like I've been tapering for months and am starting to get antsy. No long run since Cheyenne...will that be enough? Really I think I have this fear no matter where my training is at. Technically my mileage is still slightly over where I was last year, I've had more quality long runs and I've even done hill work. Granted that was months ago, but that is certainly more than I did last year. All I can do now is stay consistent, trust that a long, very long taper will end up being good for my legs and trust that I will be able to get in some really fun treadmill and stroller miles this summer. 14 weeks until Run Rabbit Run...
Light reading before bed

I did also finally get back to Apex and logging some vertical this week. That was only slightly depressing. I mean really my times are only about 4 minutes slower on the uphill to the top of Apex, but man it feels so slow. The best part was I was able to get out in the mornings to avoid the heat. I love getting in those morning runs! It just seems to make everything better!

And in James news our terrible two year old transitioned to a terrible three year old. Man this age is exhausting! Its super fun to see his personality come out....but...well let's just say by the end of the day I really wish I could have a beer or three or five. Last week I got the eye roll and a whatever!!! On one hand I was near tears hearing him say such a big word and having almost a conversation leading up to the whatever, but really when did my 3 year old turn 13? I thought I had a few years before this set in. James has been super vocal lately. He's requesting things...and not just music, but he'll request certain songs, certain foods, toys, sometimes even bed! 
Dinosaur stomp...and yes now anytime James sees
Klennex boxes they get put on his feet...

And in the long drawn out saga of preschool I've finally made the decision not to send James to public preschool next year. In a way it's defeating. After all the horror stories about IEPs I really got what I wanted for James in terms of the classroom and amount of therapy. But the only spot open in the district for him is an afternoon class. The teachers said he'd adjust to no nap...I don't believe it, but not only that I won't adjust to no nap for a 3 year old. That's aside from the fact that the school has two tier 2 classrooms in the afternoon. Granted I only saw this year's classes, but one was as expected 16 kids, 6 on IEPs. The second classroom was 6 kids...all in IEPs. That's not a tier 2 classroom! And of course the only boy with Ds in either room was in the 6 kid room. So yes they're technically following the laws about a tier 2 room, but it's not. It's not the environment I want for James or think is best for him. That's why I didn't want him in tier 3. And of course you don't get a say in which room your kid is in...it magically happens. So magically it just worked out that the 6 kid room has 6 kids in IEPs...sure...magic. After a lot of internal debate and talking to multiple therapists, the pediatrician and the pediatrician and social worker at the Sie Center I decided the best thing for James was to keep him right where he's at. It's more work for me, to get him to private therapy and do more home therapy, but I have no doubt this is what is best for him. It's tough because it feels like for the past 3 years I've been preparing to send him to public school for preschool. That's what you're told you're supposed to do. You fight for an IEP and then off he goes. But then you get there and realize maybe that's not the best option, maybe it's not the only option. There's no easy answer and probably no right answer. So I'm just going to stick with my gut and I can always change things if they aren't working later. But James dressed up like a dinosaur at school and roared and stomped with all the other kids...that's massive progress for him so damn it I'm sticking with it!

Beautiful morning run at Apex

Week June 7 - 13

Miles Running: 37.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5
Rockin' our EKG...and refusing to take off the stickers...they came home with us

Making progress on the long road back to eating

Ironkids training!


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