Mission Accomplished

Since I've returned to work I've really been struggling with balancing work, running and the boys. With Robert still not sleeping through the night regularly and James waking up at 4 or 5 most mornings I struggle to get in an early morning run and work seems to zap me in the afternoons. In fact since I've been back to work I can't seem to get in more than 2-3 runs during the week. This week I decided I didn't care how short the runs I was going to get in 4 runs during the week. And with work meetings and therapy this week I wasn't even sure if I'd squeeze in a mile period. But somehow I managed...most were short runs but 4 runs during the week and 2 runs on the weekend! I figure if I can establish the consistency then I can start building back the miles. But too many days I'd been saying oh I only have time for 3 miles so it's not worth it. 

Tuesday I only managed 3 sweaty treadmill miles at 4am before James woke up. Thankfully I got him back to sleep for just long enough to get in a shower. It might have been short but it certainly made the long day of client meetings more bearable. So this is my plan for the rest of the year...consistency...even if it's low mileage I'm going to keep with it. Hopefully by January the boys decide to sleep a bit more and I can get some actual runs in. 

The boys, yes all three, also decided to get sick last week which made for a lot of fun for the mama! Thankfully all are on the mend and as crazy as ever. Other exciting happenings around the house included a trip to a new park which resulted in no fewer than 11.8 meltdowns until we realized it was actually a pretty cool park, putting our shoes on ourselves, throwing a poopy diaper down the stairs (I suppose its time to make a bigger potty training push again) and stunned looks of disbelief watching it all happen! Most of the time I'm pretty sure Robert is in awe of the family he was born into.


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