The Ugly Stress Monster

Since Leadville I've been struggling with my running...probably part of why I fell off the blogging world. By RRR I still wasn't feeling 100%, my legs were heavy and tired all the time. 52 miles of the RRR course certainly didn't help that either. I kept waiting for that perfect fall run where you PR your normal route and everything feels light and easy...but that run never came. I started stressing am I that runner who has one good 100 and then that's it, they never run again. I think people tend not to give enough credit to all the terribleness stress can cause, but its like a downward spiral.

So I did what any good offseason runner would do and I started doing some yoga. For two weeks I did 20 min every day...I'm not sure if it released my stress or my hamstrings, but I felt amazingly better and my running improved dramatically. I've still been doing 20 min or so of yoga 3-4 times a week because it can't be bad right? Last week I had one of those amazing runs on Green where it just felt like I was flying! I had been waiting all fall for that run so it felt really good to finally get it. Definitely have the urge to get back at it now!
throwing rocks in the lake has become
part of our family runs

The boys have really been keeping me busy, but we've cut back on feeding therapy and dr appointments seem to be getting less and less so it feels like we have more time for running or family things. Family things mostly meaning running...maybe we need to work on that. We did take the boys to the RMDSA holiday party last weekend where they demolished some scrambled eggs and cried in horror when they met basically probably about the same as any other family these days right. Santa comes to school this week so we'll have to do some practicing with James beforehand.

few things better than a snowy run up the Eagle Cliffs

hands down my new favorite trail - Staunton SP

totally normal right?
Happy Thanksgiving!


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