Honor Thy Recovery

I'm very much of the belief that you need to listen to your body when it comes to recovery, but I also know that sometimes your heart talks louder and can lead you to do more than you should too soon. Last year after Leadville I really struggled with my recovery. I think a lot had to do with how stressed I was, but the bottom line was it wasn't until December that I began to think I could run well again. I basically missed all the fun fall running. Aside from the stress I think I also tried to push how hard I ran to soon after the race.

Well by Tuesday after RRR I was itching to run and really needing to get outside. I told myself I would just go for a hike, but then Dan sent a note saying he was going for a run so of course I had to tag along. But I was pretty good and still mixed in some hiking and definitely took it easy. The rest of the week was pretty much the same several run/hikes. I forced myself to hike any uphills and any time I was just tired either physically or mentally. Then we spent the weekend hiking with the boys. I also tried to mix in some yoga and didn't even think about an early morning workout. Its such a strange feeling when you've been working so hard with such a regimented training schedule to forcing yourself to slow down. But it was good. By last week my legs were really feeling better and better by each run. I still kept it easy, shorter runs and less vert. And by Friday I felt like I was flying. So I know taking two solid weeks of easy running and hiking to recover were worth it.

I'm now excited for the rest of the fall! Fun running, hiking, family time and who knows...maybe a mountain bike in my future! At least that's what my three boys keep saying. I swore I would never be one of those mom's that wouldn't do something with their kids. I didn't want them saying oh yeah Mom just sat at home while we went mountain biking I might be okay with not going to a monster truck rally, but mountain biking...no its time for me to man up and join the boys on that one.

Family hiking

then a soccer game...no wonder he demolished the snacks

yep now he's riding a bike and LOVING it

trying to find a potty prize for Robert

making donut holes

scavenger hunt hike

future hardrocker 


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