A life that matters

Colorado Trail near Kenosha Pass

A life that matters...I was reading one of the readings for Rob's memorial coming up this weekend. One line that really resonated with me is "what will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught". I did a long run from Kenosha Pass to almost Georgia Pass on Sunday and had ample time to ponder this thought. It made me think about what I want to teach James. About how I want to teach James some of the things Rob taught me. And not just Rob, but what have I learned from my other friends and family, from others who have long since left this world, but are still stamped on my heart. I want to teach James to be patient and kind, encouraging and strong. I want James to be passionate and compassionate. I want James to be courageous and selfless. I want to point out sunsets and magnificent views. I want to show him what the world looks like from the top of a mountain. I want James to explore things and have crazy adventures. I want him to appreciate the little things in life, to never go a day without smiling. To know that life is precious and never take anything for granted. I want James to value work hard and most of all to never, ever give up. And mostly I want James to know how much we believe in him and love him.

The week started off with a much needed run along the beach. Yep, mixed that one up from last week. I actually ran the beach in New Jersey on Monday. It had been way to long since I've felt the sand beneath my feet, waves lapping at my legs, and the sun hitting my face. It was just what I needed after Rob's funeral and before the long flight home with James. I also managed another PR at Apex during the week. Overall I was feeling great out running. And then my long run came. I'm not sure why I always seem to think running from Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass will be fun. It is a brutal section of the Colorado Trail. Its a gradual uphill that just goes on forever and makes you really grind it out. Then after your legs are dead and you're on the return you have a pretty good climb back up to Kenosha Pass. I ran pretty easily down Kenosha Pass to Jefferson Creek. The aspens were almost at peak so it was just absolutely beautiful. Like running down the yellow brick road. From Jefferson Creek up to Georgia Pass its all pine trees so no more beautiful yellows, but one deep breath of the amazing fresh pine smell was all I needed. As I climbed up Georgia Pass I began to have my reoccuring stomach issues. Dan had been shaknig a cold all week and I think I may have had a bit of it too; my lungs were not feeling too optimal. Dan had said he thought it would take me about 4 hours. As I neared the top of the pass I realized I was already at 3 hrs. Looking for any excuse to turn around I decided this was as good as any and headed back down. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I obviously still need to work on believing in myself and pushing all the way to the end. As a result I have to go do that run all over again to make it to the pass. Maybe that will teach me a lesson.

Week September 10-16
Miles Running: 40.7
Hours Running and Hiking: 9

Colorado Trail, Georgia Pass

Colorado Trail looking up to Georgia Pass

Colorado Trail, Georgia Pass

Colorado Trail, Kenosha Pass


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