Miles and miles of smiles

There is a magic captivated in the smile of a small child. It was through tear-stained eyes at Rob's funeral I couldn't help but smile at the promises of the wonderful future that James held. There is something to be said in his ability to light up a room by throwing his head back and giggling. Like Rob, James has a way of evoking a smile out of just about anyone. I need to make sure his smile never fades. I need to make sure I continue to keep taking steps forward each day so I can give James the life he deserves and all the opportunities of a typical kid.

While I was out running at Apex and looking down at James' daycare I couldn't help but burst into an ear to ear grin. He just seems to have that affect on you. I ran for James that day and pushed it hard, knowing James will have to push it hard every day.

Traveling this week made running difficult. I was able to get in a much needed run before Rob's funeral and I pushed it hard on that run. Of course I'm sure being at sea level helped some. I'm never really sure what you actually say about a funeral. It was a funeral. It was so nice to meet Rob's family though, the people that shaped and created him. I hope I can draw at least a little bit from them in shaping James. Truly beautiful people that I will forever look up to.

After the funeral James and I drove down to New Jersey to see family. I'm not sure this was actually on my bucket list, but I can now cross off "driving through Times Square". We finally made it down to Jersey and went to see my Grandma. I knew this would be a tough trip. She is not quite all there anymore and doesn't always know who people are. Yet I knew this was a trip I had to make. James had to meet his Great Grandma. It took awhile but after 30-45 min she began to light up. Just like James always does. His smile is infectous and she just lit up playing with him. I'm not sure she understood he was her Great Grandson, but for a few hours that day nothing could take away the joy she felt over holding a baby in her lap and kissing him over and over.
"There is nothing that a long sleep and a laugh can't cure" -Irish Proverb

Week September 3-9
Miles Running: 11.4
Hours Running and Hiking: 3


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