298 days and counting

It's a strange feeling to end a running season. Normally at the end of a season I'm past my peak, I'm burned out and tired. This isn't really the case this year, I'm stoked for another race. I'm ready to keep knocking out the high mileage weeks to prep for another big race. This week I had to force myself to rest and recover, although the intense winds helped that, but really I couldn't stop thinking "is there another race I can get in?" I've been to quite a few races, mostly road marathons, where people are constantly asking me how many races I've done that year. There are always those people who have raced a marathon every weekend for the whole year. I've never been interested in that. Sure racing is more fun than training, but racing well is more fun than just racing. So sure I could go line up several more races for this fall, but what I really want when I crave another race is to prepare my best for a race and to try to achieve the new goals I've set for myself. I'm not just looking for another medal to hang up, I'm looking to compete with myself and see what new challenges I can take on. That's my favorite part about running, there is always another challenge waiting around the corner. It just so happens that my next really big challenge is 298 days away (the Leadville 100). In between now and then there are plenty of mountains to be skied, many more trails to be ran and certainly the Leadville Marathon, which will be its own beast.

This week I didn't run much. I knew I needed to let my body recover from the GT50 even though I really didn't feel too bad. Greeting me when I got back to Colorado were my not so favorite winds that like to sweep through every fall and spring. Maybe this was a good thing to force me to relax a bit. When I don't have to get in a run and its that windy out its pretty easy to skip a day. So Friday Dan and I ran a relaxing run at Apex and Sunday morning I went out for a neighborhood run. Nothing spectacular, just stretching out the legs and enjoying the beautiful weather. Both days were those perfect Colorado fall days with a gorgeous sun, brilliant blue skies and a slight crispness to the air. Next week I'll get back to logging miles for awhile, at least until there's enough snow to really get excited about winter!

Week October 15-21

Miles Running: 11.8
Hours Running and Hiking: 3


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