Blood, sweat, and tears

Well Monday started off with a bang...okay maybe more of a thud as I bounced my face off a rock at Matt-Winters. I was out for an easy run to loosen my muscles and get the blood flowing from my long run Sunday. About a mile into the run I was running easily when seemingly out of nowhere a massive rock snake jumped up, grabbed both my legs and flung me to the ground. I managed to escape with a split lip, road rash, bumps, bruises and mostly a bruised ego. After my fall I picked myself up and turned to run back to the car...then I stopped. I evaluated my injuries, am I really hurt that bad? Can I really not push on and knock out a few more miles? So I turned back around and continued my run.

I think Dan was more concerned about my little crash than I was so he insisted on running with me on Wednesday. Of course I never mind having company during tapering. I hate tapering, at least sometimes. When I'm running great it always feels like tapering is going to ruin everything you've been doing. Somehow erase all those good runs. I know its totally the opposite, but its still hard and I always end up feeling anxious. I'm just ready for race day to come, to hear the gun go off and to start running.

Snow finally came this weekend so Saturday was officially my first snow run of the season! I LOVE running in the snow! Of course this was the icy snow, not the soft, big, beautiful flakes that are actually fun to run in. This was more of the stinging your face with shards of glass snow, but still fun! And a beautiful change of scenery. To run through the trees covered in snow, many still with their yellow leaves. Saturday and Sunday I ran Conifer Mountain, both runs in the snow. They felt easy and relaxed and I know I'm ready for next weekend.

I've been reading all the race reports I can find about the GT50. Everyone describes the race as "pretty damn hard". Its supposed to be technical, although I'm not worried about the technical part so much as the leaves covering rock snakes and roots. And with rain coming next weekend it could be pretty slick. I think footing could definitely be an issue, but I know my tried and true Cascadias will rock it. And if I end up a bit bruised and battered, well it won't be the first time and certainly won't be the last either. As for the elevation of the course I know I can handle it. In fact I'm sure I've raced races with more elevation gain, but I keep thinking of Segment 3 of the CT and the brutal, endless rolling hills. There aren't many big climbs on that section but the smaller hills are really wearing after awhile. I think it will be extrememly important not to go out too fast. That'll be tough given I'm used to starting with pretty big climbs. I just need to remember there is a lot of race to make up time later on.

Week October 1-7

Miles Running: 21.0
Hours Running and Hiking: 5


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