Believe in Yourself

Half the battle is believing in yourself, maybe more than half the battle is believing in yourself. As I was watching the trailer for the new movie coming out, Transcend, it made me think even more about how the only way you're truly going to achieve a slightly loft goal is to believe in it. One guy says "I have to believe I'm going to run a 2:10 marathon, even if my training doesn't point that way. There's no way I'll run a 2:10 if I don't at least believe it." So I'm believing in the Leadville finish. I have to.

Its the same way Dan has consistently believed James would heal his heart. For the past year nothing could sway Dan from believing this. Heart failure? No, he's a champion, healing his heart! And despite the fact that odds were not in James' favor, look what's happening!

I am also believing that we can change the current underfunding of Ds cognitive research. Belief that we can increase funding is the first step and we're certainly on a path to increase funding and awareness.

And so I'm believing in myself, that this year I'm going to run across that red carpet on 6th and Harrison. And I'm believing that in 10 days when I race the Leadville marathon I will have a great race. I'm believing in that sub-4:40 time. I'm not sure if my training is saying 4:40 or not, but I'm going for it!

And I'm believing that a low mileage week won't destory my training and that it's all about quality. This week we finally moved, so needless to say getting in miles early on was tough. But I kept the quality high and managed some back to back training over the weekend. Friday I hit up my 19 mile loop at Pine Valley. I felt sluggish on the uphills and overall not like I was having the best day. Funny thing is I ended up PRing by over 4 minutes! Maybe that was due to the black, fury creature, otherwise known as a black bear, I saw trotting away about 2 miles into the run. Seeing a bear always gets me moving a bit faster! I got in another 15 miles Sunday and actually felt surprisingly good. Certainly a good sign for my fitness level.

Week June 10 - 16

Miles Running: 45.6
Hours Hiking and Running: 8
Awesome views at Pine Valley

James got a big boy haircut this week 


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