Morning Sunrise

Life is finally starting to settle down as we get settled into our new house and Dan gets settled into his new job. With his new job they start a bit later so we decided to start running in the mornings together. I love it! I totally miss running in the mornings and it beats the heat! We got in some solid runs during the week. Thursday was a super busy day at work so I mistakenly pushed back my run to the afternoon. At about 3:30 I hit up Mt Flacon for a big hill climb. It was a struggle! I forget how quickly that kind of heat can just take it out of you.

Over the weekend we took it easy with the marathon only a week away. I did a couple loops at Flying J and felt really good. Except I completely tore my feet apart. I realized with only a week to the marathon I need knew shoes. My pure grits haven't broken in and anything over 8 miles is destroying my left foot and my cascadia's are a hare too small and my toes are getting super jammed on downhills. Lets hope the Pearl Izumi Trail M2s I just ordered are going to save the day!
James enjoying his fruit smoothie!
James finally got his first two teeth! One right after the other. They're only just barely poking through, but they're definitely there! My little baby is getting to be such a little boy! He's also getting the hang of the straw cup. I think he was just being stubborn waiting for us to put something better in it. As soon as we tried a fruit smoothie (yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, pears and breastmilk) he started drinking a bit. He would suck on the straw before, but get bored before he'd really consumed anything.

Saturday is going to hard and its going to hurt, both physically and mentally. But I'm stronger now than I was a year ago, in both of these departments. The training is done all I can do now is take it easy this week, eat right and come Saturday do what I do best...RUN!

"6,300+ ft of vertical over 3 climbs? Maxing out at 13,200 ft? All miles over 10,000 ft ? Hardest marathon in the US? You know what I call that...Saturday." -Brandon Fuller
Week June 17 - 23

Miles Running: 37.1
Hours Hiking and Running: 8


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