Moving Forward

For the first time in a long time I don't have a race I'm training for. I've been focused on Leadville for nearly 2 years now. So what's a girl to do without a race on the horizon? Keep running! I've been focused on solid, consistent runs the past couple weeks. Its a strange position to be in. I'm enjoying training without a direct purpose.

I wish I could have gotten in some more exciting runs this week, but I still got pretty decent mileage and was really able to push it and not feel total exhaustion in my legs. It was also ridiculously hot again this week so running down the hill was no fun.I mostly ran laps at Flying J, where it was much cooler. Next week I'll get back to hills and speed work, it should be getting cooler. I heard reports that maybe some snow on some of the peaks! Hoping to check out some new trails next week...or at least move away from FJ for something a bit more exciting!

Just hanging out standing by myself!
I'm not the only one moving forward though. Thursday we took James to the Sie Center. When we walked into the PT room I set James down on the mats and instantly he crawled onto his belly, pushed up on his hands to one knee and one foot and half crawled, half bear crawled to the PT sitting on the other side of the mats. I just looked at her astonished. He's been super close to really crawling lately, but has never crawled across the room like that. Ever since then he has been on the move. Not quite fast enough yet that you lose him in a matter of seconds, but you definitely can't take your eyes off him for longer than a minute. If you do he's likely in the entertainment center playing with the cords. The highlight of the week though was Sunday when James was playing in his circle of neglect (aka. excersaucer) and looked at me with his arms stretched up "mom, mom, mom". Yep, no run can ever be greater than that!

Week September 2 - 8

Miles Running: 40.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5


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