Run of Your Life

Our lil stander!
I spent a good portion of the weekend (22+ hr) following UTMB. Rory Bosio has always been a fun runner to watch, telling jokes with a huge smile on her face even late into a 100 miler. So when Rory had the run of her life breaking the course record by 2 1/2 hours and taking 7th overall it was an incredible moment to "watch" via irunfar! Certainly an inspirational run and one that I hope I can have in my own small way one of these days.

I may never destroy the field at UTMB, but I can have the run of my life. That's the beauty of running, we race against ourselves and we can all have these amazing runs. So I've been inspired to run hard and maybe even throw in a bit of strength training (lets not go crazy I'm not talking gyms and weights, but maybe lunges, resistance training, that sorta thing). I want to see how well I can run.

I was still trying to take it easy this week so just tried to maintain my runs. No long runs, nothing too crazy. Mostly just had fun running in the mountains. Explored so new trails at Staunton and Maxwell Falls. We also looked and with a bit of finagling and quite a long run, but doable, we can run to Mt Evans from our house! Nothing like bushwhacking to make things interesting! All in all I'm feeling great and ready for fall running. That's always when I have those runs of your life, where everything feels good and you're moving well and just enjoying the whole thing. I'm done with this ridiculous heat!

Week August 26 - September 1

Miles Running: 42
Hours Hiking and Runinng: 9


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