Sticks and Stones

Words...the very thing that keeps you going at a low point in a race can also be the very thing that tears you down.  There have been so many races where the only thing keeping me going is the crowd cheering, or your pacer telling you to keep going that you're doing great. I have quotes posted all over the wall of my office that serve as an inspiration to get me out to the trail every day, that I repeat over and over to keep taking one more step. Running at Staunton on Sunday one lady burst out cheering as I climbed up one big hill and another muttered "impressive" as I went by. They may be little things, but when your legs hurt and you're tired they mean everything to you.

Unfortunately we live in a society where often times words are used to bring people down. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. I was rudely reminded of the poor use of words this weekend. A friend of mine was out buying blush when she was offered a free gift with her purchase that contained a lipstick called "Celebutard". I almost fell over when I read what had happened. As the story ramped up I couldn't believe people were actually defending the name. Now I know this was partly because they were hired by Sephora to troll their pages and put issues like this to rest, but it still stings. I know "retarded" is commonly used and most of the time its not meant in a derogatory way. But people need to realize that its always derogatory. 

I know its very likely that one day someone will use the r-word in a derogatory way against James and I can't stand the thought of it. Its not because I'm over sensitive, its because its a cruel word. I can't think of a single instance where there isn't another word choice that would convey the meaning equally as well. And I certainly can't believe that "celebutard" is the only way to describe that particular lipstick. I really hope Sephora and Kat Von D decide to rename the lipstick or pull it from the shelves. But I also hope that someone who hears about this realizes that maybe they've used the r-word and are more cognizant about not using it in the future. The other thing that has amazed me is that what started out as a group of rockin' moms were discussing how disgusting it was that this lipstick was named as such and started posting to Sephora's Facebook page. Within 3 days the movement has really gained strength. Comments are popping up on Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post, and various blogs. It has been a great reminder that we may all only have one voice, but when we come together all those individual voices can make up one powerful voice. 

Runningwise I was a bit off my game this week. Instead of my usual steady moderate runs all week I ended up with several short treadmill runs. So by Sunday I was really ready to stretch my legs out. I did my first long run since Bear Chase, 18 miles. I could definitely feel I hadn't been doing longs runs. I wasn't really sore, but just overall fatigued. Definitely felt good to get some good mileage in and especially a long run. I used to not feel right if I logged less than 30 miles in a week, now its up to 40...

Don't ever sit on the side of the trail, get up, take your one step and let that one step become mile after mile; and before you know it you will have achieved something great. Spread the word to end the word.

Week October 28 - November 3

Miles Running: 47.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5


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