Well it's certainly no longer fall in Colorado. Winter has blown in with a vengeance. So much for acclimatizing to the cold. Monday I ran in shorts and a long sleeve with a new running buddy and Wednesday I was in 2 pairs of tights, I think every shirt I owned and screw shoes. Oh it was a harsh slap in the face and needless to say after Wednesday's bitter cold run I only got more miles on the treadmill. I must be getting soft in my old age. After a week of getting great mileage this week was a bit of a disappointment. But I guess considering the sub-zero temps it wasn't too bad. 

We did also get our first real snow day. Mt Pritchard was reporting around 14-15" and -31 degrees. I seriously think I just got a chill thinking back to that. A Wisco girl at heart I'm no stranger to running in below zero temps, but it was hard to be motivated to run in it this time. It's December, my notoriously low mileage month, I'm super busy at work, its dark all the time and there just seems to be a million things pulling me in a million directions. Surprisingly I've been pretty good about staying on track with my mileage though. A few low weeks, but nothing too terrible. Last year I ran about 80 miles in December, this year was 195. I'd say I'm heading into 2014 even more prepared and in better shape. I'm looking forward to what this will do for my running next summer.

Dan and I have even gotten out for a couple longs runs. We got a babysitter for New Year's so we could get in one last 2013 run together! It's actually been quite awhile since we ran together and its been nice to get back to it. I've been running so much by myself lately that I've enjoyed the company and Dan's been keeping me from getting bored.

Its also time to start planning for next year's season. I paitently waited to not see my name on the Hardrock twitter feed and as expected it didn't show up. That just means a couple more tickets for next year! But I still need another Hardrock qualifier for next year since Leadville is only counting for one year this time. Run Rabbit Run is certainly looking like the winner. I'm getting more and more excited about it as well. But with the race not until Sept it's giving me this false sense of "I can slack a bit for now" feeling. I think it's just my excuse not to do speedwork or hill repeats.

I also got a call from daycare one day saying they wanted to talk about transitioning James to the wobbler room. What?! James a wobbler? I'm not sure which one of us took the transition harder. No more baby room in the baby building. No this is big time, he's in the big kid building now. No more bottles, he sleeps on a mat and sits through story and music time. Seriously they were telling me they would get my kid to nap on a mat at 12:45. Well it's been several sucessful weeks. Everytime I think he won't be able to do something like nap on a mat he surprises me. Now granted 12:45 is super late for a nap for him so he can barely hold his head up by that point, but still. He's also gotten better at using a straw cup, takes one with every meal. Granted he doesn't take a lot of fluid and will ususally only drink water from one, but its a start. He also decided to skip walking with his push behind walker and now just runs with it all over the house. I'm pretty convinced he may skip walking all together and just run. Wobbler James...oh how times are changing!

Week Deceember 2 - 8
Miles Running: 41
Hours Hiking and Running: 6.5

Week December 9 - 15
Miles Running: 29.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 5.5

Week December 16 - 22
Miles Running: 52.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 10.0

Week December 23 - 29
Miles Running: 40.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 6.5


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