Super Powers

This week was about so much more than miles. Sometimes life just happens that way. I was starting to stress about it, but I know I've got a lot of runs between now and Run Rabbit Run and regardless James comes first. I still managed a few miles including a quick run the morning of James' procedure.

This week everything seemed overshadowed by James' heart cath. In a heart cath there is no chest cracking, the surgeon goes up through the leg to explore the heart a bit more. It's pretty minor as far as heart surgeries go, but it's still anesthesia so I always worry a bit with that. Mostly though I was worried if they would even find the answers they were looking for. James did amazing! He recovered extremely well and we even got to go home that night. After the procedure we had to keep James flat on his back for 4 hours. If you've ever met that kid you'll know this takes extreme skill. 

A few weeks prior, completely out of the blue James refused to go to bed one night. He wasn't crying or yelling, just playing in his crib refusing to sleep. I finally picked him up to rock him down. Well it just so happened that this was the night the Grammy's were on and when I started to rock him Daft Punk had just started their performance. James just perked up and started dancing to some "Get Lucky". We ended up having the rewind the performance several times and promise James we would play the album on repeat the next day before he finally fell asleep. As luck would have it this wasn't just a coincidence. James takes after Uncle TJ and LOVES Daft Punk! Every time he would start to get fussy I would put them on and he would settle down. We'd play them in the house and he would just start swaying and dancing. Who knew, right? So the day of his cath I was prepared. Every time he started to fuss and wake up I played "Lose yourself to dance" and James would settle right down and go back to sleep. I can't even begin to imagine what the nurses thought of it. For nearly 4 hours we listened to that song on repeat.
it's the journey of your soul
daft punk

I often walk through life and feel as if everyone is staring at our family in a pity sort of way. Its something I try to be conscious of not doing to others. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate pity. Dan and I aren't some super parents because we have a child with special needs. We don't have super powers because we have a child with 47 chromosomes. Any other good parent in our position would do the same thing. 

So I ask if you walk by us on the sidewalk, sit next to us on a bench at Children's, read our story or see our photo please don't pity us, don't look at us with sorrow. Don't give us that fake smile that says "I can't imagine how you do it". Don't tell us we're amazing because we're just doing what you would do in our situation. And please remember that James is James. He's not a mission, a cause or a condition. He's a 21 month old soon-to-be mountain climber. 

Date night with my lil grommie!
we are love, we are one, we are how we treat each other when the day is done
to be bold, to be brave, it is the thinking of the heart that can still be saved
and the darkness can come quick
the alternate routes

Week February 3 - 9

Miles Running: 21.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 3


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