Team B.O.B.

Post-run veggie sticks
It seems like it's been a crazy couple weeks so it was time to remind myself of my yearly goal to simplify my life. It was time to refocus on family. So that's what this week was all about. It's January and I need to remember my big race is months away and right now is maintenance, not crazy training. I need to take a step back and not get too caught up with training. I say this mostly to remind myself that I'm not supposed to get too caught up with training. I need it to be fun this time of year. Run when I feel like it, run as far as I want to for as long as I want to, not because I have to. This is certainly not easy for me.

Its been snowing quite a bit lately which always affects your training. Thursday I was dead set on doing a hill workout at Falcon. Unfortunately for me it was not just snow packed but covered in solid ice. Even with screw shoes it was rough going and every step forward felt like three slides back. At the top I was rewarded with fresh tracks...deep, fresh tracks.

Future Anton Krupicka?
The weekend was what it was all about! It was sunny, warm and time to celebrate family! So what better way to enjoy the sunshine than to go for a run as a family! The family that runs together stays together. Saturday Dan and I decided to load up James and the B.O.B. and head to Bear Creek Park to go for a family run. We had no idea how James would do, up to this point I'd only taken him on short runs around the neighborhood. Armed with veggie sticks, milk, buffs and a boombox we were off heading up Mt Carbon. Two and a half hours later, after 12 miles of laughs and smiles, endless classical music tunes radiating out of the boombox and a nice long nap we were back at the car with a happy and exhausted little boy!

James was such a champion on our run and the weather so nice we decided to try it again! Sunday we got in a 10 mile loop as a family. It was so nice to log some great miles, not to mention 10-12 miles of pushing a stroller with a 19 lb kid is no easy task, spend time with family and enjoy running in shorts and a t-shirt. Top it all off with a fresh keg of Dale's and you've pretty much got yourself the most perfect weekend ever!

After such a great weekend James was in no mood to go to sleep on Sunday. After nearly two hours of playing in his crib and refusing to sleep I picked him up to rock him to sleep. It just so happens the Grammys were on and James was captivated by it. It was like he was boycotting sleep so we would let him watch! A few minutes later Daft Punk took the stage to perform. James calmed down and just stared at the TV, he never just watches TV, and started dancing. When their performance ended he started whining so we rewound it and played it again. James was still no where near sleep and still captivated by the performance. So I leaned down and reassured James we would listen to Daft Punk on repeat the next day. Within 10 seconds he was sound asleep! Seriously that was all this kid needed? He apparently takes after his Uncle TJ in his taste of music!

Week January 20 - 26

Miles Running: 43.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 8.0


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