Life of Rock
Trails make you smile, laugh and cry. They remind you to appreciate the little things like wildflowers on the side of the trail, sunrises and rolling fog. They also trip you and break you down. Some days remind us more than others that life is a lot like a trail run, full of ups and downs and at the end of the day its just you and a finish line. How you get there is up to you, when you get there is up to life. 

don't stare at horizons unless you're all ready to run -Michael Franti

This week I got word that a girl I knew in high school had been killed in a car accident. Shari and I weren't really friends, but even after all these years it's hard to forget her smile. It's also one of those things that reminds you how fragile your own life is. That we really just don't know what tomorrow will bring. I've always tried to live hard and not get caught up in things that don't matter much. The past two years have reminded me even more so not to take a single day for granted. But I have to say I hate these reminders. I mean I got it, I'm good. Life doesn't need to remind me any more. I've made decisions to put my family first, to still do things for myself, to get outside and experience the beauty of life. Unfortunately I don't get to tell life that I don't need any more reminders. 
1995 DSHA Homecoming Game - teamed up with Shari
for good memories and great laughs!

one day closer til my number comes we're gonna keep on burning til the night is gone -Michael Franti

So what else do you do when you want to live hard? You run hard. Monday I met Nick at PVR for a Buck Gulch loop. I hadn't really planned on going for a PR, but why not? I ran a 1:07 flat which was a PR by over a minute for me! And I really felt good. I pushed it the whole time and felt like I could have gone harder on the climb, but I was pretty happy with how I ran. A good sign for upcoming Quad Rock. With my parents in town for James' birthday Dan and I actually got in quite a few runs together which was certainly nice. 
What says birthday dinner better than pickles?

This week was also James' second birthday! Okay seriously when did this kid become a kid? What happened to my baby? I know have a 19.5 lb kid! I can't believe how far he's come in 2 years! I never would have thought I would have this babbling, signing, terrorizing child 2 years ago. Another moment of remembering to appreciate the small things. My only gripe is now that James is 2 he doesn't have to get weighed on the baby scale. So if one more nurse doesn't read his chart before saying "okay buddy stand on the scale" I might lose it. I know they don't mean anything, but I've snapped at more than a few nurses about this. So far only one nurse has asked which scale would be better.

His party was a blast and I think every parent and adult left completely exhausted! Exactly the way a 2 year old birthday party should end! I may not have won mother-of-the-year for the party. There was no theme, 10 minutes beforehand I realized there was not enough dirt cake and frantically sent my Dad to the grocery store to buy whatever he could find, there were no balloons or pony rides, but hey there was good food and good beer. I figure that's what everyone remembers. And it all goes back to realizing what's important...throwing the perfectly planned party just didn't make the list this year. 

Week April 28 - May 4

Miles Running: 38.1
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5

What could this be?


Holy sh*t Momma do you see these Daft Punk albums?

Head first is the only way to live life! Glad these cousins have it figured out!

Lovin' his birthday present!

I think he mostly had the dirt cake on his face!

I moose be 2 with Nana


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