The Big Question

It's the question everyone either asks or is afraid to ask. Is he walking yet? Followed by You'll wish he wasn't walking once he starts! I know no one means anything by it, but it's still hard to constantly have to explain why James isn't walking. Answering the questioning looks when I tell people James is 2. Thing is no when you've been waiting for 2 years for a kid to walk you won't actually wish he hadn't. I'm ready for him to walk regardless of all the chaos that will come with it! I try not to mention the small progress he's been making to avoid furthering questioning. But James has been getting there. Slowly.

It's been a long process. James has been pulling to stand and cruising for 9 months. His PT has been saying since December that he could start taking steps any day. For nearly 2 months James has been trying to push himself to stand. He would push up and pretty much fall down immediately. He started letting go of his standup toys for a few seconds at a time. I knew we were making progress and celebrated each baby step. But then James turned 2 and he wasn't walking. I keep hearing 2 is the average age for kids with Down syndrome to walk and it's the age a lot of parents seem to shoot for. So when his birthday came and went and he still wasn't walking it was of course a bit disappointing. He was starting to take steps between Dan and I, but had pretty much completely stopped trying to push himself to stand. It was so frustrating. I knew he was strong enough and could take steps on his own...he just wouldn't do it. That of course did not stop him from climbing up and over the couches, toys, people...anything that he could get his hands on. 

I never doubted James would walk, but it's tough when you get to the point where you've done all you can. Now you have to just sit back and let them do it at their own pace. And walk at his own pace James has. He's certainly not walking full-time, but one night Dan and I were playing with James in his room when out of the blue he did it! He just stood up and took a couple steps! Talk about some proud parents! So yes, we now have a bit of a walker. I know it will still be some time before he's walking full-time, but I know we'll get there.

Staunton State Park
This week I was still feeling pretty flat from Quad Rock. It's making me a bit nervous that I won't be recovered in time for Dirty 30, but by the end of the week my legs were feeling like they were back. Monday I met Allisa for a slog at Apex. I just had nothing on the climbs. I took it easy mid week to try to give my legs a break. By Friday I was ready to go again. Dan was slated for a long run and my plan was to do one loop with him at Staunton and then let him do a second by himself. I wasn't thinking I needed a long run the weekend before Dirty. But I was feeling good and Dan didn't want to run alone so it was pretty easy convincing me to go for a long run. We only ended up doing 18 miles so not a crazy long run and easy to recover from. 

The Dingo
Somehow on the run I made the mistake of bringing up the fence that we had been debating building. By the end of the run it sounded like a really good idea. Needless to say Dan ended up renting a Dingo to dig post holes and we set 23 posts over the weekend. Coupled with an 11 mile family run at Bear Creek and lots of time at the park I'd say we had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend. It was all about family. 

Week May 19 - 25

Miles Running: 51.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 9.5

Staunton State Park

Bear Creek Lake Park


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