Never Quit...Ever

You train for not weakening in the big moments by not weakening in the little ones. You’ll forget how to quit if you don’t, and you’ll never know how to push through big uncomfortable moments if you don’t do it every single day. I fail lots and get beaten lots, but not because I give up. -Will Gadd
Park time!

I've been frustrated with my training lately. I guess this is nothing really new for me for this time of year, but still it's frustrating. My times aren't where they were at in the fall, my body doesn't feel as strong and my mind doesn't feel as strong. I constantly wonder if I'll be anywhere near ready for my next race. Even when I realize that I've logged 115 miles more than this time last year, that I've doubled the number of long runs I've done and I've even added speed work. I know I'm ready for my next race, but I have to convince myself. 

When I got done with my run today Dan had left an article up on my computer...Will Glad's Ten Training Thoughts. And I realized that every spring is like this, but I don't give up. I keep moving and training and pushing myself...and every fall I'm running better than I was the year before. So I'm heading into April with a focus on moving away from speed work and towards endurance, building up the miles, and really, really hoping this warm spring weather is here to stay. 

PVR long run
Aside from turning into a mental case when the temperatures dropped and the snow fell on Wednesday I had a great training week. Dan and I got in lots of runs together, including a good 20+ at Pine Valley. The trails were in great shape and I was stoked to be back out there. I'm slowly finding a good balance between running and working. The step up in demands that I've been working with the past few months at work have kind of left me spinning and trying to figure out how to balance it again. It seems like just when you get your routine down things change. I'm slowly getting there though and my weekday runs seem to be creeping back from 5 miles to 7s. So we're getting there. 

It was a busy week for James as well, which always makes things a bit more difficult. Therapies three different mornings may not sound like that much but it really cuts into your day. But its worth it and he's the priority so no use complaining. His speech therapist is floored at his progress lately. My favorite of the week was he started singing the ABCs and by singing I mean mostly humming and saying "q" and "r". Overall a good week and a good reminder that even during these slow training months not to ever quit or get down. Just keep moving...
2 minutes of getting gas during a freak snow storm

Week March 23 - 29

Miles Running: 52.2
Hours Hiking and Running: 10.5

Monday: 6.5 miles: easy run at Apex

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 7.7 miles: moderate run at Apex with Dan

Friday: 20.5 miles: Pine Valley Ranch long run with Dan, got really hot, but good to be back in the old stomping grounds

Saturday: 7.5 miles: Bear Creek with the boys

Sunday: 10.0 miles: Bear Creek with the boys and neighborhood laps during naptime

Baby deer at Apex

PVR long run


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