Just Another Week

Training this week was a bit lack luster, but I managed to get the miles in somehow. The week started off with miserable snow, ice and freezing temperatures...again. By the end of the week, aside from the wretched time change that apparently only early morning runners and parents to kids under 5 absolutely despise, it was finally clear that while more snow would come we had at least gotten out of the frigid temperatures of winter. 

I ended up spending way more time at Bear Creek than I would normally like but conditions everywhere were pretty miserable. I met Sandra at Apex for some of my only climbing of the week. The main trail wasn't bad, but as soon as you got off the front side we were stumbling through some deep snow. I'm pretty sure we were actually running slower that we could have walked the trail. Dan and I also got in another long run at Bear Creek. Looking forward to the day we can do a long run on some real trails. 

Overall it was a pretty unmonumental week. James had a follow-up appointment with the dermatologist to try a new cream for his dermatitis. He also wooed the nurse into giving him a new blanket that he has yet to put down. Dan laid new tile in the entry way which I think turned out really well. I'm also pretty sure that because the first tile job went so well we should jump right on some other tiling around the house. If we could get rid of all the brass and tie-dyed tile in the house I would be a pretty happy camper. We're getting there though. 

Week March 2 - 8

Miles Running: 47
Hours Hiking and Running:7.75

Monday: 6.5 miles; Bear Creek bike path: forgot socks so feet blistered pretty good

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 5.5 miles; Apex: met Sandra for a 'fun' run in the snow, thankfully had microspikes and even then there were some unrunnable sections

Friday: 19.5 miles; Bear Creek bike paths: met Dan for a long run, long runs getting easier, but still a struggle to go around in circles without someone to keep you from going crazy at BC

Saturday: 5.5 miles; Bear Creek bike paths: took James out for a run while Dan finished the tile

Sunday: 10 miles; neighborhood laps while James napped, seemed to be the only way I could get in some vertical this week
James and his new blankie

Post-long run treat

New entry way complete!


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