It's All In The Bag

Robert's 10 weeks old which means that my Run Rabbit training is done and I'm officially tapering. For the record I do not recommend training for a 100 miler in 10 weeks, but sometimes that's just the way it works. On one hand I am certainly not burnt out. Of course on the other hand I have to keep wondering if I built up miles too quickly and will pay the price during the race or if my fitness is back enough to run for nearly 30 hours. Well we'll see soon enough. 

This was my last big week of training. Although as it ended up I cut an extra day off the weekend so I ended up with a bit less mileage than I would have liked. However I doubt that extra 12 miles on Saturday was what would make RRR for me. I'm pretty sure if anything it was better to cut it short and start recovering for race day. 

All in all I felt good. I ran my last long run with Dan at Buffalo Creek on Friday. I began to worry a bit as I made my way up Buck Gulch and my legs were just tired and sluggish. I felt like I was climbing okay, but not where I should be this close to a 100. But the longer the run went the better I felt. I felt myself subconsciously continuing to pick up the pace and my legs just felt more and more relaxed. So hopefully this is a good sign. I just have to remember its just the warm-up until I get to Olympian Hall. 

Week August 31 - September 6

Miles: 57.5
Hours: 9.5

My present from James...he told me I look "cool" with his flower

At the grocery store James made everyone's day...
and the bagger who also has special needs insisted I let her buy James a pony ride

The giant prepping for game day

First selfie


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