Soccer Practice

With only two big weeks left of training this was a make or break it week. I survived the last day of daycare being closed as well as the getting James used to the new facility. That was no easy task either. Drop-off has always been easy so to now have the kid who was laying in the hallway crying was tough. Every morning I felt like I was in a panic searching for the closest teacher James would recognize. They were awesome with him and by the end of the week the meltdowns had been significantly minimized. 

And as much as my heart broke to do it I took Robert in for his first day of daycare as well. I wanted to get him a bit used to it...although since he is so unimpressed with anything these days I wasn't really sure he would even care if he was somewhere else. But I needed to get in a real long run on trails and so I dropped him off and scurried out of there before I could change my mind. 

I was halfway up the trail at Apex when I realized I had not actually told Sandra I was free. I was also already bored at the thought of 30 miles by myself doing loops at Apex. Thankfully it had been months since I had run there. Which by the way amazing what can happen in a few months. The new parking lot and bathrooms were open and honestly you could curl up on the bathroom floor for a nap and not worry about what disease you might catch. This is aside from the fact that the toilets flush and there are water fountains and a bottle filler! Are you kidding me? Almost too fancy for us trail runners! So anyways thankfully Sandra was able to meet me for the last 7+ miles to save me from my boredom. But I was super thankful to be out on the trails and feel pretty good. I did 17 on Wednesday so to feel good after a 30 on Friday made me feel like I might be able to pull off Run Rabbit.

I was also able to catch a smile from Robert although don't let him know because he apparently wants to maintain his "grumps" nickname for the foreseable future. 

James also really wants Robert to be a playmate...enough of the baby stuff already. Although I'm getting worried that Robert is going to be 6'5" and 20 years old and James will still be calling him "BABEEEE"!

I've been so excited to see James finally progress with pretend play. On Monday while I was feeding Robert James brought this small figurine up to me and pretended to feed it...on me...hmmm...then he kissed him covered him with a blanket, more like buried, but it counts and said "shhhh" and signed elephant sleeping. He's also learning to play the banjo. I am very thankful Uncle TJ bought the plush version of the banjo...

Week August 24 - 31

Miles: 74.3
Hours: 12.5


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