Pumpkins and Offseason

Why I spend all day chasing the boys...
because if I don't this happens
Thanks to Sandra my hip flexors felt like they were floating all week and it took an act of god to swing my legs forward and take a step for most of the week. I hate this pilates...it's one of those things that the whole time you're doing it you keep asking yourself why? why would I willingly subject my body to this kind of brutal torture? And then you leave and you're saying to yourself I really need to keep doing this... Honestly I can feel myself getting stronger and I think if I can find a way to fit it into my schedule it will really help my running. Currently I also can't lift my arms high enough to brush my teeth...apparently my attempt at my only arm workout being lifting the boys is not going to fly anymore. 

Dan was still sick this week so we didn't get to go on our planned long run for Friday which was a bit of a bummer. I really haven't ran anything exciting. I have become quite intimate with Green Mountain, mapping out several new routes from my office. And really its not as exciting as that sounds. I've also been sticking with MAF training, which is only slightly killing me. MAF training on Green = a lot of hiking. I am starting to feel the benefits of it, but ugh...sometimes it's so frustrating that I'm not just running. 
First selfie with the boys

The boys are busy mostly just keeping me busy. I feel like I'm constantly running around chasing someone, breaking up excessive hugging, feeding either child and trying to get just enough chores done to stay alive through the week. I'm starting to get a better balance at work and the past few days have been really consistent with my running. Right now that's my only goal. If I can be consistent on getting out even if its only for a couple miles I'm considering it a success.  

James is also completely in love with pumpkins this year. Everything has to be pumpkins...orange pumpkins though...not the silly white ones, or funky colored ones...nope those apparently are not the real deal. I'm wondering how we're going to tell him he has to stop wearing his jack-o-lantern shirt after next week!


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