This past week heaven gained an angel and I lost my favorite worst running partner ever. Seamus loved to run...just not in a straight line, or following a path, not next to you or attached to a leash...and mostly only if it included a significant amount of time stopping to smell the flowers...okay really just random bushes that some other animal had probably peed on, chase squirrels and hide from deer or anything else that appears even remotely threatening. 

 Almost 11 years ago now my sister, Caitlin dragged me to the humane society to look at dogs I had zero intention of bringing home. With his tongue hanging out of a huge grin Seamus, then Adrien, stood...okay danced, skipped, hopped and jumped in his kennel behind a sign "Rehabilitation Services". Cait claimed this dog was amazing! He goes to hospitals and visits kids and is such a good dog. So reluctantly I agreed to "meet" Seamus. It was becoming more obvious that this dog did not go to hospitals and was by no means a therapy dog. Fleetwood from the human society commented oh no HE'S in therapy. I threw my hands up and in unison Cait and I responded we'll take him. And so that is how I came to have a dog, a crazy, insane, lovable, special needs dog. Somehow I guess that sounds just about right. He fit in perfectly! I miss my puppers...even if he was a terrible running partner.

We also got our first snow of the year. Dan and I are pretty sure our summer loving dog sensed this and knew it was his time. The thought of one more winter was more than he could handle. Needless to say my running still feels like it hasn't rebounded post- RRR. I really need to at least get my mileage back to something that resembles a runner. But I have been feeling better and getting faster with my MAF training so I guess that's a bit of an improvement. 

James was reading pumpkins until he fell asleep last night

Not award winning gluten free Halloween treats for daycare

We have a BOB problem...bought a second single to make our runs more manageable


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