A Runner Again

first date run of the new year
Ah finally a string of a couple weeks with some good solid runs and back to my normal mileage! I finally feel like I'm settling in and getting back to myself. We'll see what happens next week when I'm back working in the office, but for now I feel somewhat successful. 

It's been a rough winter and I can't seem to find a dirt trail anywhere which is unusual for this time of year. We usually get the snow then melt and trails aren't consistently snowpacked until February. It's going to be a long winter at this rate. I'm trying to tell myself I have December down and now the days are getting longer and there are really only 2 terrible months left. Sure there will be plenty of snow come March, but at least there is usually a sprinkling of warm days mixed in. 

James has taken to sleeping on his floor...
usually cuddling his shoes
I also got back on the Pearl Izumi team for next year and made the Nuun team. So I'm pretty stoked about this coming year. I'm ready to have a year of good racing. After a lackluster year and a three month offseason I feel like I haven't trained and raced in over a year. Tomorrow is the big day to see if I got into Leadville or not and I guess that will really dictate my training. If not I'll be trying to race my way in at the Leadville Marathon, so I'll really have to get serious quick about training to get my climbing legs back. Overall though I feel good. My body handled building the mileage back up pretty well and I'm mentally really excited for the coming year. Now the big goal is to keep the consistency in runs up with working in the office again. Well that and getting Robert to start sleeping...that will be a major bonus in my life. 

of course Robert would love eating

the result of potty training and sleep training in the same weekend

a bit scary how close in size they already are


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