I suppose I should finally get around to posting some goals now that my lottery season is over. Once again I struck out in all lotteries which changed the focus of my goals a bit. My main goal was the big buckle at Leadville, but now I'm not even sure I'll be running Leadville. It's definitely a surreal feeling going into a season with no assurance of getting into your big race. After some thought here are my goals for 2016

  • top 3 Leadville marathon; usually I don't like to set place goals because I want to be racing myself and not worrying about what the other women are doing, but this year I need to be top 3 to get the Leadville coin. I'd like to run around a 4:40-4:45 so I will be working pretty hard this spring to make this race happen
  • 10:15 at Quad Rock
  • sub-3:10 road marathon
  • improve nutrition both during races and in general
  • if by chance I do get into LT100 then big buckle; could be tough with such a focus on the marathon to then turn my attention to the 100 just a couple months later
  • potty train James - this may be the bane of my existence and I'm determined it will happen
  • and maybe if there's a bit of time left, spend a bit more time on myself so I'm less "raggedy" as Dan has mentioned
    you know its serious when you're training in the snow in 10F

    starting the new year off with Mexican might not be helping with the nutrition part


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