Catching Up

It's crazy how much extra time I feel like I have in a week. Not necessarily every day but overall in a week...on Friday I got to sit for 5 min before I had to go pick up the boys...5 whole minutes of nothing. It was crazy! I thought about having a beer but didn't want to push my luck! 

The tightness is my hammys has slowly been working its way out and even though I have no structure to my running, I don't wear a watch and am totally just running based on how I feel I still managed 50 miles this week. No long runs...saving that for my pacing duties at Run Rabbit this week! I also managed to bake cookies, rake a small portion of the yard, cut down a half dozen trees, take the boys for hikes after dinner almost every night and more trips to the park than I can count. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a little bit of efficiency! 

I'm still not sure if I even want to run another race this fall. Really I'd like to run a couple more 14ers, maybe James Peak, a fall run at Kenosha Pass and Golden Gate, so the thought of giving up a Friday run because of a weekend race just doesn't sound appealing right now. Maybe after Run Rabbit I'll be signing a different tune...who knows. Right now I'm just enjoying the fun of running with no agenda.

a moment of peaceful giggles right before the chaos starts...

a catastrophic pancake failure...after a chunk fell off this pancake was rendered totally useless 

the only thing better than a smoked pork butt...smoked bacon

this seemed like a way better idea before our feet went in buckets

are you kidding me? pulled pork where have you been all my life?

because why would you wear a shirt to play in the sand?


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