So what now? It's such a weird feeling when everything for the past few months has been focused on training. All you've known is eat, run and try to sleep when you can. My season is done and Dan's tapering so it feels like our entire universe if off kilter. 
Hiking fun with the boys

My post- race days have definitely included more beer and donuts than running. I've been getting back to it but with no watch, no agenda, no running schedule at all. And slowly the stiffness is working itself out of my legs. Really aside from some stiffness in my hammys and some swelling in my knee and legs in general I came out of Leadville in pretty good shape. No blisters, no feet issues and no injuries. It's hard to ask for much more than that. 

I've also been really happy with the ebb and flow of my training this year. Of course I wish I had been able to train more between Quad Rock and the Leadville marathon but I'm not injured, I'm not burned out and I'm still excited about running. I'm excited for some fun fall runs and then this winter get back to training. I'm not sure what next season will bring yet, but I'm excited for it! 

The boys seem to have sensed the chaos in the household and are doing their best to add to it as well! I'm pretty sure they have some secret contest to see who can get a cast first. That or James is intent on trying to see what all he can convince Robert to do. The other night while I was making dinner I watched James stand up on the ottoman, the coffee table is long gone as it was getting way to dangerous, he glanced over to see if I was watching, then motioned for Rob to climb up and then jumped off onto an overturned plush chair. I managed to grab Rob just as he was standing up and plotting his jump. Maybe they're just trying to get me back in shape and keep my legs spry...we'll pretend that's what it is...always looking out for mama. 
Daddy hunt with our 'binoculars'

fly high little one

Well halfway through writing this post Dan might have asked one of those stupid little questions like do you think you should try one more race with the fitness you still have? You could probably do pretty well...so hmmm...I guess that's floating around my head now. 


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