One thing I can say for sure about my training so far this year is it has been way more consistent than last year. I'm also feeling stronger. The leg work I've been doing for the past 9 months is really starting to show and I'm pretty stoked about that. But goodness I'm not sure if its the whole getting older thing or what but I just feel slow. I guess I haven't really looked at my times from last year but I doubt I'm running as fast. I know I've been slacking on my speed work a bit so I guess this is a kick in the ass to get committed back to more structured training.

In general I'm feeling good still a couple months out from North Fork. I'm logging miles, vert and keeping up with my strength training. I've cut back my hours at work a bit, still full time and still working over 40 hrs but at least its not 60 hrs/week which has been amazing. I feel like I've finally gotten my head above water. The house doesn't seem like its going to fall down...burn down maybe as I still have a ton of yard work to get it fire proofed, but never-the-less things seem to be settling down.

Last week I was really solid on my training. My long run was cut a bit shorter than I had hoped due to some not so great weather moving in, but I still chalked up my 3rd 21 miler of the month...and that was definitely not a coincidence. I got in a couple runs at Elk Meadows which was a nice change of pace and met Kara for a run at Apex. She's definitely Boston ready and I'm certainly glad I'm going to be lining up in Hopkinton this speed legs are not there right now. Overall I felt good about another 60+ mile week which is more than I think I've ever consistently run this time of year. Not to mention 118k of vert. Heading into the big training this summer I'm really hoping establishing my routine now will pay off as my running gets more structured and that I can log more weeks in that 70-80+ mpw range this year.

Rainy days call for dinosaur museums


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