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Date run to finish up a long run
Geesh I feel like I totally fell off the face of the world...its been a busy spring. Lots of traveling, work, toddlers...crazy toddlers...did I mention toddler boys? I've been keeping consistent with running and training, but then the first week in March hit and I spent a couple days taking a snowboard coaching clinic at Breck and then a long weekend in the frozen tundra. We did get some AMAZING snow in Breck and I had a blast getting back on the snow! I really hope to be able to spend more time in the winters riding in the near future. Its just tough with the boys right now. The frozen tundra was frozen...and windy...and I had zero desire to attempt a road run in that. So I took it as a last hurrah before I officially started training.

I started training off pretty well. A solid week of running, hiking and pilates...but then I realized I had exactly zero races on my schedule and staying motivated to train without having something specific to train for was probably going to be tough. So on a whim I signed up for North Fork 50. Its not really an exciting race, but the RD rocks and puts on a great race! Plus it was my first 50 and it'll be fun to see how much faster I can run now! Now I have to get it in my head to be prepared for a fast 50.

James also started a climbing class...five years ago I never thought I'd be saying that, but this kid continues to push the boundaries of other's limits and expectations for him. It wasn't a perfect class and there were a lot of tears (its was pretty busy and loud so he was kinda overwhelmed) and he didn't get nearly as high as the other kids, but he gave it his all, he climbed as best he could and overall had fun! So that's a success in my book! Rob continues to be cranky and whiny but I guess that's what 1 year olds do right? He just wants to do everything James does or be outside. Also probably not the worst things in the world.

I also managed to finish the kitchen cabinets so one project down! The rest will have to wait until next winter, but hey that was a big one and I'm glad its finally off my plate! Plus the kitchen looks amazingly better!
Don't kids always do something like this after being terrors for the previous few hours?
so thankful for warm weather and parks!


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