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They fought the entire walk...except for the one
moment we caught a pic...looks like a perfect fam eh?
Balance...the story of my life...I've never been known to have much balance. My nickname in high school was Grace due in no small part to my lack of balance...and coordination...and all things graceful really. A year ago this was one of my biggest challenges. I was falling short on my running workouts and really wasn't sure how I'd ever get it back. This week I hit another 70+ mile week, managed home cooked meals on the table every night, kept the house moderately clean, got a little bit of yard work done, took James to his first soccer practice/game with the Thunder, went for after dinner walks with the boys and my only real failure has been to find James' glasses...I'm not sure anything would have helped with that though. It just made me realize that maybe I really can do this. It has taken awhile to find my rhythm and the things that can give and really just what works for me.

My runs were far from exciting thanks to the 20" or so of snow we got last week. I still got in my speed work, a 29 mile long run and lots of vert. After realizing how "slow" I've gotten I knew I needed to step up the structured training and push the pace a bit. I've gotten back into my old habit of just lah-de-da running which is fun but definitely isn't helping me improve. With North Fork coming up and being a pretty flat 50, from what I'm used to at least, I'm going to need to hone those speed skills if I want to run a good race. So I spent the week focusing on quality runs and pushing myself a bit faster, especially on the speed work. I guess a week of flat-ish running, I still had over 15k in vert, due to the snow was probably a good thing.

Overall a good week of training. I'm really excited for race season and to be back training hard again. I just feel so much better after a good hard run and when my miles are higher. The boys were excited to see the snow melt. By the end of the week it was super warm and the boys were in heaven getting to play outside so much! James had a blast at soccer and I'm pretty sure may never remove his shin guards and cleats. He actually slept in the shin guards one night.

unfortunately we had a goat NOT a cow in our yard to feed carrots to

When a piece of plastic from a tote bag mysteriously slides under the fridge
and you then lose a spatula trying to get just try again...and yes it was 65F
and Rob insisted on wearing snowpants...pick your battles

highlight of the week: James drew a perfect J on my car...never getting a car wash again!


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