Post Baby Running

Start of the long run
I don't usually think of myself as a post-baby runner anymore, but then this past week I noticed my RHR drop back into the 40s. And I'm struggling to not gain weight as I stop nursing. I realize it may be almost 2 years since I had Robert so in my head I'm thinking I shouldn't be dealing with post partum running but the reality is its not like your baby turns 1 and its all back to normal running. When I stopped pumping with James I struggled with gaining weight and knew that this was something I had to watch out for this time around. It basically means you're burning 500 less calories a day which can add up quick. So even though I'm running pretty high mileage my body is also burning less and my nutrition has to change accordingly. Oh the complaints of being a runner mom...what must it be like to have real problems!

Aside from Mother Nature laughing at me every long run day with her cruel weather twists, my training has been going really well. I finished March with 234.2 miles and 55,180 ft of vert definitely a solid month considering I took off almost the entire first week to snowboard and a trip to Wisconsin...where it was way to bitter cold to try to run. Not sure how I used to do it...I was young back then maybe. I also committed to getting back to structured training and have a 'general' plan laid out in my daily planner. I cut my long run short a couple miles last week as the weather was just getting really bad and I needed to get the boys from school before the roads got too bad. Other than that I really nailed it. I'm also trying to make it a point to run every day during the week so when shit hits the fan over the weekend I'm not scrambling for miles. So far its working out really well and I'm stoked to not be stressing about running on Sunday.
Yet another Green Mountain summit

J got shin guards and after fighting to put them on refused to take them off


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