Run, REST, Repeat

Green Mountain summit...again
Rest...blah...maybe the main reason I curse racing. I think its almost worse than tapering. But its a necessary evil if you want to test and challenge yourself with races. So I take the good with the bad and despite the fact that I actually felt amazing this past week I kept it to short easy runs. Or maybe that's why I felt good...

I was actually pretty surprised that by Monday I really had no lingering soreness from the race. My legs didn't have much pop for a couple days, but nothing too bad. It obviously made me question if I had raced hard enough. I guess that's also probably a never-ending question. And one you'll never know the answer to. But I do think I probably could have pushed a bit more. Good that I didn't because the recovery time wasn't too long and I was able to get back at it quick, but it always leaves you there more? did I leave too much out there? how much faster could I run? Well 13 weeks until I get to find out!
we jumped the puddle away...
I swear there was one

It was a nice break to get in some easy runs. Now that Dan's office has moved literally across the street we have a standing 10:00 date most mornings...we take an early lunch here...I've been missing my regular Apex runs, but Green gets the job done and its fun to run with some people for a change. Plus Green is probably the best taper/recovery mountain out there. Its also meant a little more family time. We now have season passes to Tiny least its a solid hour activity to wear the boys out. We went swimming, I use that term lightly because it was mostly just jumping in about an inch of water, at Bear Creek. Which also by the way wore the boys out like crazy...James took a 3 hour nap afterwards and that hasn't happened in maybe a year! So that is definitely going on our list of summer activities. A 3 hour nap also meant that for the first time in 4 years I have successfully raked and bagged everything within the fenced area of our property...and even started raking outside the fence. Trust me when I say that is a HUGE accomplishment.

Overall it was a good week to put me in the right mindset to start training. 13 weeks until Run Rabbit...11 weeks of hard training and then taper. So two 5 week blocks with one cutback week. Hopefully ramping up to close to 90 miles at my peak. Time to get after it!

apparently Dad's boots seemed like a better idea when you put them on...but they you realize you can't walk

Frosty post-tick removal

what's better than playing in a bathtub without water?


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