Build It Bigger

This training block seemed to get off to a slow start. While it was frustrating that I wasn't hitting the big mileage I was hoping too it was probably for the best. My mileage has slowly crept up, but I have to keep reminding myself that my vertical this year has been insane. Last year I had a big vert year...this year I've already done more vert than all of last year. Last week I felt like I was really getting into the training. I was committed and most of all having fun with it! I hit my 80 miles and on top of that I had over 20k in vertical! When I think about it that's pretty ridiculous!

lots of running in the rain this week
I made a goal this year to really increase the strength in my legs. I've added leg workouts twice a week, nothing major and no gym required, but I can feel it has paid off big time! Climbs that even last year when I was running really strong seemed tough are getting easier and easier and I'm not as sore afterwards. I can see the definition in my legs and I'm super proud of the hard work I've put in for that!

I know I'm running strong. I'm feeling great about my training and where I'm at right now. But I'm still nervous about RRR. I guess that's good. If I wasn't nervous that would mean I didn't care, right? I've been really focusing on the same thing I focused on all last summer. Keep the first 60 miles easy...I want to hit Fish Creek Falls feeling great! Every time I've run RRR I've hit Cow Creek (mile 30) feeling terrible. I want to be at Cow Creek just cruising, having fun and smiling. If I'm there I know I'm running easy and setting myself up for a great night. I just have to keep focusing on running my race, doing my thing and not getting caught up in position. There is some stiff competition even among the tortoises...the first 40 miles are not where this race is going to be won.
when he says 'cuddle mommy' you drop everything

This week I also gave up my beloved coffee. It made a huge difference last year, not so much in my performance, but I felt like I was sleeping better, more hydrated and mostly one Starbucks espresso shot in the middle of the night and I never got that sleepy low I usually get. Of course at Leadville I finished before I hit that point. RRR there is no way I'm finishing that early...I'm going all through the night even on the best of days so I have to be prepared. I'm giving it my all and we'll see what happens race day. Anything can happen all I can do is my best to react positively to everything that gets thrown at me, keep up my hydration and calories (this is HUGE) and just keep moving. Same as last year...NO STOPPING, no breaks, no rests, no sitting, no leaning over, constant forward motion. That's whats going to get me to that finish line faster than last time! One more week of big training and then its time to start winding down. This coming week is a crazy one so commitment is going to be the key. One day at a time, make the miles happen!


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