Blue sky

Happy St Nick's Day!
Dan was off on another luxury spa vacation this week. And as usual I was the scheduling queen. Sometimes I really wonder how I manage to keep everything straight. People actually ask me this all the time, along with how I have time to run. Well thing is I'm no good for anyone, especially James if I don't run. So I may not make homemade reindeer shaped soaps, and dinner may often take the form of a bag of popcorn (particularly when Dan's gone) or a frozen pizza. I don't have the perfectly decorated house, hell I didn't even get around to putting up a Christmas tree this year! So yes, I run and I keep a schedule for all things James and after that if I get a shower I feel pretty successful! It may have taken a load to resign myself to the fact that I will never be the next Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker is not my middle name, but I've got a house full of love and frozen pizzas...that's more than a load of people can say.

I got in a few good runs this week, but between a crazy work schedule, the end of the year is always a mad rush, Dan's "vacay", and really just life I certainly slacked a bit. Saturday morning I awoke to a gorgeous blue sky, although I had been expecting the snow. Quickly the clouds moved in and we finally got some snow! Saturday I got in a quick run at Meyers. I felt great and was really pushing the uphills. A good sign for the coming year. Saturday was also the WS100 lottery, I opted not to throw my name in. There will be other years, this is the year of Leadville! Its shaping up to be a great race and I'm already looking forward to spending a day watching the twitter feed updates on irunfar!

Winter seems to have finally arrived this weekend. Sunday I had grand ambitions of getting in a long run, slowly that turned to well several laps outside with tiem to warm up in between, which halfway through the first lap quickly turned to okay, maybe a few more miles on the treadmill will work just fine!

Getting stronger every day
Sometimes its a smile, a hug, flowers for no reason. Sometimes is an unexpected email, a surprise phone call. Sometimes its a simple, perfect snowflake floating through the air. You never know when you need it or when one will come your way, but when it does it makes your heart and soul smile.

"you're my blue sky, you're my sunny day, Lord you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way" -Allman Brothers

Week December 3-9

Miles Running: 28
Hours Running and Hiking: 5.5


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