Bumbo time

James' first time in the bumbo at daycare
The big boy was finally able to sit in the bumbo this week! I know that may not seem like much to some people, but it was a huge step for James. He's getting so much stronger every day. James is getting so close to sitting! His PT was so impressed, she hadn't even seen him rolling over yet so she was super excited to see him doing so well.

I tried out a few new loops this week. I added a bit of distance on to my Conifer Mountain loop and man this was a cold area. There was still a good bit of snow on the side of the road and I was bitter cold. I did get to watch the sunset as I ran though. Running at sunrise or sunset are always favorite times for me. Its quiet and beautiful and you can just relax and enjoy everything.

I also tried the Grubestake loop at Apex, what an awesome downhill. It was a strange work week so after a few fires got put out it was nice to try a few new things. I've been in a rut of running the same loop at Apex nearly every day. I need to mix it up a bit more so I don't get bored. Hopefully next week I can either try out a new trail or head somewhere I haven't been in awhile. Of course I can't really complain too much! Having time to run nearly 40 miles and take care of a 7 month old isn't too bad. Of course I may not have any Christmas decorations up, and we've had a lot of frozen pizza lately, but it works for us so that's all that matters!

Week November 26 - December 2

Miles Running: 38.5
Hours Running and Hiking: 7


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