Don't Call it a Comeback

Our lil frog prince!
Ah finally I feel like I might have put this horrible flu/norovirous nonsense behind me! I still forced myself to take it easy all week and not push too hard. I took off Monday and Tuesday to let myself heal up a bit as well. So like any good runner what do you do when  you take a few days off? Sign up for another race of course! So I finally registered for Quad Rock and I'm super excited to head back to the Fort for some running. I spent so much time doing geology work around Horsetooth it should make for a fun run.

James rocked his ENT follow-up appointment and we don't have to go back for a year! Wahoooo! First time I've heard that in well, yeah first time! His sitting has also improved dramatically, especially with the correct posture. I definitely feel better that I haven't ruined his sitting ability for life and that hopefully soon he'll be able to sit on his own.

Friday Dan and I ran the hogback at Matt-Win. It wasn't a fast run, certainly not the prettiest either of us has done, but man was it a fun run. It was a gorgeous bluebird day and we just ran a casual pace so we could chat the whole way. We planned upcoming races, training, strategies, just endless random conversations. Its been awhile since we've had a run like that. We both just finished grinning ear to ear.

Saturday and Sunday I felt like the social butterfly of Conifer running! Saturday I was running at Meyers and ran into Larry and Kay. I hadn't seen them in forever so it was nice to chat for a bit and make some plans for running. Running-wise I kinda fell into that zone on the uphill where all of a sudden I realize I'm at the top and hadn't really pushed it much the whole way up. Sunday I headed to Pine Valley to get in a bit longer run. I did my normal Buck Gulch loop and added a bit on Homestead. When I got back to the junction of Homestead, Skipper and Strawberry Jack I ran into Nick. We made some plans next weekend. Looking forward to a good run with some company. Quad Rock is going to be here before I know it so I need to get on some of these longs runs. At least my overall mileage was back up this week. And even better is the fact that I actually felt better and stronger the more miles I got on my legs.

Week January 21-27

Miles Running: 30.5
Hours Running and Hiking: 6.5


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