So this week Dan's been giving me an earful about my sub-4:30 goal at LTM. Yes I completely understand it is an absolute beast of a goal. Maybe even totally ridiculous! But that's how I make my goals. For every race I like to have 2 goals, one that is crazy absurd (big buckle at the Leadville 100) and one that is still a reach, but a more attainable reach (finish the Leadville 100). I started this tradition at my first marathon. It took me nearly 3 years to achieve that crazy absurd goal, sub-3:40 to qualify for Boston, but I did it. So yeah, maybe I sub-4:30 is an insane goal for this year, but it keeps me pushing. And if I achieve that goal in 3 years...I'll be damn proud of myself. If this year I go sub-5:00 I'll still be pretty damn proud of myself, but I'll also know there is still something there driving me to do better, to run harder, faster, push the uphills more. Its what I like best about running, you race yourself. You can always push just a little harder than you did last time.

Now to even think about making either of these goals a reality its time to run! Blast this crazy flu season is getting to me. Decided not to push it like I have been this season and try to actually get over being sick before I ran. Got in a few miles...then the freezing cold temps that make me question why I ever thought, and still often think, moving to Alaska would be a good idea!

Week January 7-13

Miles Running: 13
Hours Hiking and Running: 3


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