Ringing in the New Year

What a New Years week! James got his ear tubes on the 31st to help with possible hearing loss. Needless to say the 31st and 1st were pretty much a wash for running. Dan pushed me out the door to get one New Years mile, but that was all I was able to manage on sleep deprived legs in the freezing cold. With New Years came came registration for the famed Leadville 100...are they still not asking "are you sure" when you click register? Apparently not, and I am now officially entered for my second running of Leadville. Back when I originally heard about this silly race I decided I needed to try it once in my life, what happened to that thought? I guess its the same thing thats going to get me to the starting line of the legendary Hardrock 100 one of these years.

After we got through James' subsequent ear infection, yes apparently it is possible to get your first ear infection right after you get tubes, I was able to get in some more miles. Dan and I went and explored North Table on Friday. It's been nice to get back to our Friday "date runs" and especially to check out some new trails. We did the big loop around the mountain to check out all the possible trails. The first climb was pretty good and then it mellows out for most of the rest of the run. Sunday I ran my standard Buck Gulch loop at Pine Valley. Pine is usually warmer and drier than our house so I figured the trail would be clear. Not so! It was warm when I started, but the temperature quickly dropped as I ran. The trail was also completely snowpacked in beautiful Colordao champagne powder. While this is great snow for riding, not so much for running. Screws definitely helped but it was slow going. Each step send you bouncing in another direction. Still loved being out there. Other than the crazy guy shooting off the side of the forest service road near the junction of Buck Gulch and the Skipper trails. I heard and saw him as I approached so was careful not to be in his line of fire. But seriously dude, know the area you're shooting in and be smart about it!

Signing up for Leadville has certainly gotten me into training mode and I'm excited to get back into more of a routine. I'm ready to run more focused runs and as much as I love just going out for a run I need to get in specific runs. Leadville here I come!

Week Dec 31 - Jan 6

Miles Running: 21.1
Hours Running and Hiking: 4.5


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