Definition of a Runner

No idea where this lil guy is going!
The other morning I was driving into the office and happened to look around my car and just shook my head. On the dashboard is a parking pass from my last race, the front seat a long sleeve running shirt and RDS hat, the drivers door pocket is filled with gels. There's a handheld waterbottle in the cup holder and the center console contains a small can of pepper spray, running sunglasses, sunscreen, GPS watch, a couple maps from open space parks, and a note from Dan to have a great run. Then there's several other water bottles that have rolled under the seat along with the box of chocolate teddy grahams (perfect post-run snack). And what car is complete without a couple pairs of running shoes and a spare set of running clothes? Then I also noticed that there were another 7 pairs of running shoes next to the back door of the house. And one of the 5 kitchen cabinets is dedicated just to running water bottles. And none of this even makes me think twice. I mean why wouldn't you have a mountain of running shoes next to the door or a spare pair in your car? Doesn't everyone?

Loving games with Daddy

I guess this is part of what happens when you are truly a runner. I sometimes wonder what James will make of Dan and I with our running obsession. While I want James to do whatever it is he wants to, a part of me hopes he loves running as much as Dan and I. I get excited picturing this lil guy waiting at an aid station for me to come in, running around banging a cowbell and waving a "run hard mommy" sign.

This week was a recovery week after Quad Rock so more hiking than running. Felt good to relax, enjoy a massage and steam room, and soak my feet in an ice bath. But now its time to get back to the high mileage and hill workouts.

Week May 20 - 26

Miles Running: 13.3
Hours Running and Hiking: 4


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