Spring Ahead

Spring has never been my favorite season. I'm usually ready for ski season to be over and trails to be dry so I can get to logging the miles, or I'm sad I'll have to wait a few more months to hit the powder again. In Colorado spring typically lasts about 30 seconds, you get 3ft of snow one day and the next its 80 and dry. But this week as I ran through Matt-Winters and I saw green tufts of grass poking up through the snow and smelled that fresh scent reminiscent of spring, I smiled. It was refreshing to see everything spring to life. To remember that everything begins again and all the other cliches said about spring. But its true. Spring brings with it the start of a new running season and I'm ready to see where this season takes me.

This week was a mild taper week. I hate tapering and since Quad Rock is more or less a training run for Leadville I didn't want to do a full on taper, but still want to be able to race on fresh legs. Plus it was lil guys birthday and that obviously outranks running! And on top of it our house went under contract in two days...needless to say it was a busy week. Dan and I got in a couple runs together. He's running better than I've ever seen him run before so that's a great sign for his season. I've been feeling good so I'm excited to see what happens at Quad Rock. 50 miles is still a long ways to go and anything can happen, but I'm feeling good about putting up a strong performance. After that its really building time. Time to get back to my hill workouts, strength training and logging loads of miles. Hopefully this also means the end of snow season. I'm certainly ready for some dry trails. To just really push it. There are some trails are there begging to be ran and begging for PRs. I'm ready to get to all of them. And I think James is ready to hit some up this summer as well.

Week April 29 - May 5

Miles Running: 26.8
Hours Hiking and Running: 6.5


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